My goal is to learn and be confident with the coding on my Sphero.

lesson one!!!

In lesson one Claudia and I successfully made a full square use the bricks down below.

lesson two!!!

In lesson two we were asked to code a toss game.

Claudia and I successfully coded the Sphero and now the game works.

This is the coding for our Sphero to play the toss game.

this is a video of Claudia and I playing the toss game.

lesson three!!!

in lesson three we were told to make a spinning top Claudia and I were successfully able to make the spinning top.

this is a video of Claudia playing the spinning top game.



lesson four!!!!

inn lesson four we were asked to make the game hot potato using the Sphero.

it was a lot of coding and was a challenge.

this is a video of Claudia and I playing the hot potato game.


lesson 1 Java Script!!!

this is a video of our first Java script.

Java script is much harder then using blocks. when you use Java script you need to write the code but with blocks you place the blocks in the place that you want them.

lesson 2 Java script!!!

in lesson two for Java script we made the catch game.

this is the code for the catch game.



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