Digital Citizenship

Some people might find this funny because of the fact that these tiny little kids who can’t even touch the ground with their feet when they sit down are on social media – but I don’t. To me it is a very miserable drawing because of the little boy with the soccer ball. From an artistic view, I can see that all of the kids on their phones are surrounded by darkness whereas the boy with the soccer ball is surrounded by a bright light. Although, is the light happy? I don’t think so.

the message seems to be that social media is a dark, grey world – so step into the light of getting off technology and being active. I also feel there are many more hidden meanings that lay under this picture. As they say: a single picture tells a million words.

To me this message is very important, because if we don’t action it there will be horrible consequences. Imagine what our world will be like if we don’t get off our phones; living a life without truly living it.

Is this photo really funny? Because it shouldn’t be. Don’t let our beautiful world turn grey. Now think, is this actually funny?

Win At The Fair

Win at the fair is a project where we have to raise money for an imaginary school using a game board. The game board must be profitable but also enticing, meaning that it has to make money but also make people want to play setting a hard challenge for the year 6. When you play the game board you must spend a dollar to play and that is how we earn the money but the thing you want to avoid is people hitting jackpots so we have to pay them instead.  The process will be to create many game boards and play them 1,000 times each using the computer. With my game board I have been questioning if it is enticing enough because it seems to be making a little too much money.

Our first game board looked promising and to test it we played 100 games. In doing so we revealed that the board was the “losing version” because it wasn’t profitable and we had a total loss of $96.40  and unless we wanted to be a charity, this board was heading downhill because it wasn’t profitable so guess what? We had to make a new board!

At this stage we had brainstormed some ideas for a game board such as teleportation, black holes and snakes and ladders. After that we had created a game board. It very fun until we found out that was only the creative version and that we had to make an official version. In the official version you weren’t aloud to use black holes and etc we could only change the prize values ranging from $0 – anything. Here is my creative and official version.

My official version was too profitable since it is one dollar to play and most people land on $0 or 50c meaning it wasn’t enticing. So I used maths 300 to make some small changes. The main change was getting  rid of one of the two $0. The $0 I removed was the one most landed on. I also changed any price below 50c.


Passion Project update

So far I have made some little decorations for my stall where I am selling my food and plants at a farmers market. here is an example of one of the decorations I have made:


I am planning to take cuttings from my rosemary bush soon. When I cut the sprigs off the bush I sit them in water for a few weeks. Once the sprigs form the beginnings of roots I then put them into glass jars filled with dirt.

Passion Project

For my passion project I am selling: cupcakes$1  bag of truffles$1  rosemary plants$1          all the money will be given to enviro to purchase bee friendly plants. Along with selling the plants and food I will also have a poster about bees and how they help us.

I am also giving the library a number of bookmarks to give away that include pictures of bees on the front and information about them on the back.

The passions I have chosen are I love bees, baking and gardening. 

Burke Baehr TED blog

Burke is an 11 year old boy that educated us about where are food really comes from and how to make better choices for ourselves and our planet.

After Burke’s talk I felt that I must make better choices for my body and I’m sure the audience did to. As he said ‘you can pay the farmer or you can pay the hospital’. He also told us an important moral; we can change the world one kid at a time.

he got his messages across to the audience very well because the audience reacted in many ways. This showed they were into his talk and they were interested. for example when he said that an organic farmer who used no pesticides or genetically modified seeds was known as a ‘lunatic farmer’ the audience was shocked. The audience also laughed when he was getting the message over to his audience that genetically modified food was disgusting Burke said it’s like putting the DNA of a fish into a tomato which makes a fish tomato. YUCK!

Burke used some handy technical support that made it easier for the audience to understand. One of the things he used was a screen behind him that showed pictures. Another thing he used is a microphone that helped him project his voice across to the whole audience.

Although he talked too fast, stayed in the one spot and waved his arms around like crazy, most of his presentation techniques were very good like how he got the audience to laugh many times. For one he spoke into the microphone and he used it well so you couldn’t hear funny noises like breathing, or him speaking too close to the microphone. Another one of his good techniques was he had memorised his talk so he wasn’t constantly staring at a script the whole time.

Richard Turere TED talk

Richard Turere is a young boy from Africa that talked about his invention that made peace between people and lions. It consisted of flashing lights that made it look like Richard was outside looking after the livestock so the lions would back away.

After his talk I felt that what he did had many morals. One was that violence is never the answer to your problems. This is because they would kill the lions but it would never work because they kept coming back. Another moral would be you don’t need much to solve big problems because all he used was a light bulb and a radio to solve his massive problem of livestock being killed by lions.

Richard kept his audience focused on him even though his English was hard to understand. That is because he used lots of pictures and videos that suited what he was talking about. He also kept them interested by being humorous. When he made a joke it was obvious he had his audience hooked because they laughed.

The technology Richard used was very effective. Many pictures and one video helped his audience get what he was talking about. He also used a microphone that helped him project his voice loud for the audience to hear. He also spoke into the microphone so his voice wasn’t muffled.

He used many helpful presentation techniques so his talk was effective. He didn’t just stand on the spot he walked around the stage. He also memorised his speech so he kept his eyes on the audience the whole time so he was easier to believe. He kept his audience hooked with humour so they listened and his last technique was in the serious parts he spoke in a serious voice and had a serious expression on his face.

Thomas Suarez TED talk

Thomas Suarez talked about the creation and coding of apps.

After Suarez’s talk the audience might have felt encouraged to try themselves or they might have taken it as a moral that any age can do anything. Some people might wonder how does this  kind of thing happen? How do they do it? So maybe to some people the speech might have been to educate people what goes on in that aspect of the digital world.

Suarez got his messages across to the audience very well, for one it kept you listening by being humorous and entertaining. It was also very clear and easy to understand no matter which way you interpret it. He did not show you much on the screen because he explained so well he did not need any more than he used. Suarez also didn’t go on and on about one thing so he didn’t bore his audience or make them not care what he is talking about.

Thomas did not use much technical help but what he used was effective. He used a lapel mic (a wireless microphone that attaches to your collar) and talked well into it so his voice projected very well. Suarez also used an iPad to help him know what he was going to say. The last piece of equipment he used was a remote control connected to a TV behind him which he used to display a few pictures.

Thomas was very good at presentation. He didn’t just stand still he walked a little bit and used up almost the entire stage. He spoke clearly so you could easily understand what he said. He did not mumble or say things like um or ah. He was easy to believe because his eye-line was always at the audience. He wasn’t staring at his iPad the whole time and always kept a neutral, calm expression in his voice and on his face.