Thomas Suarez TED talk

Thomas Suarez talked about the creation and coding of apps.

After Suarez’s talk the audience might have felt encouraged to try themselves or they might have taken it as a moral that any age can do anything. Some people might wonder how does thisĀ  kind of thing happen? How do they do it? So maybe to some people the speech might have been to educate people what goes on in that aspect of the digital world.

Suarez got his messages across to the audience very well, for one it kept you listening by being humorous and entertaining. It was also very clear and easy to understand no matter which way you interpret it. He did not show you much on the screen because he explained so well he did not need any more than he used. Suarez also didn’t go on and on about one thing so he didn’t bore his audience or make them not care what he is talking about.

Thomas did not use much technical help but what he used was effective. He used a lapel mic (a wireless microphone that attaches to your collar) and talked well into it so his voice projected very well. Suarez also used an iPad to help him know what he was going to say. The last piece of equipment he used was a remote control connected to a TV behind him which he used to display a few pictures.

Thomas was very good at presentation. He didn’t just stand still he walked a little bit and used up almost the entire stage. He spoke clearly so you could easily understand what he said. He did not mumble or say things like um or ah. He was easy to believe because his eye-line was always at the audience. He wasn’t staring at his iPad the whole time and always kept a neutral, calm expression in his voice and on his face.