#Reflect Term 4 Passion Project

My passion project was to teach my little sister Alexi some info about the ocean and to take some pics of my other little sister Dahlia doing her favourite thing in the world; surfing.

Ever since I taught Alexi some helpful info (not all of it was recorded), she has been sharing some REAL facts with me. I am glad to know that she was actually listening, not just putting it on for the camera (or maybe she was).

I love watching Dahlia enjoy herself, it means the world to me. So for my presentation film I’ve added in some pics and videos of her doing what she does best and hopefully you will share the same joy that I have towards her.

here are some pics of Alexi’s favourite rocks:

Fay’s Nines

Fay’s Nines is a 3 x 3 column with numbers from 1-9. You must rearrange the three columns so that they add up to 999 vertically. Our challenge was to discover how many unique solutions there are.

When I started playing around with this problem I realised  that you could swap the numbers in one or more columns and make it a unique solution.

One time we came to the floor to talk with Mr H and he explained that the units column must make 19 the tens 18 and the hundreds 8. This made me question, would the variation 19 19 7 work. Later I tested it and disproved my theory, 19 19 7 = 909.

Another time we were on the floor wondering what we could do then I suggested that we break it into manageable parts by only focusing on the units column. After that everyone began using my idea.

In the end I reached the answer of 180 solutions because in the units column there are 5 different ways you can make 19 and 6 ways that you can mix them up. next you do 5 x 6 to get 30. Because there are 3 columns you times 30 x 3 to get ninety. Lastly because there are 2 ways left that you can rearrange the columns horizontally you do 90 x 2 to get 180!

I did not find this problem challenging but I would’ve if Mr H hadn’t given us the answer that we had to reach.

Thank you for reading 🙂 


As you might already know I love the ocean… But I don’t just love the ocean, I hold it in my heart because to me, the ocean means as much to me as my family does. This is why I am incorporating the two most important things in my world as my passion project.

I love it when we go to a beach with rock pools (my favourite place in the world) not just because of the really awesome stuff you can find, but because of my little sister Alexi. I am the oldest out of 3 and Alexi is the youngest so when we go to a beach with rock pools; Dahlia surfs with dad and Alexi and I swim in rock pools and look for shells. The funny thing is, Alexi wants to impress me with her “knowledge” if you could call it true that is! Alexi makes up facts and tells me them and I want to burst out laughing because it is so cute!

my passion project is to take Alexi snorkelling at Point Londsdale and let her pick up shells or point at sea life and I will tell her information about what she is intrigued by. I hope this will be a day to cherish for Alexi.


My passion project has been very joyful and fun for me. As you might remember I have written a chapter book and I enjoy writing thoroughly.

Since my #Update post I have made a few adjustments such as:

  1. I have changed the title from ‘Wolf Prey’ to ‘The Wolf Hunter; An Unlikely Hero’.
  2. I have also changed the look of a title.
  3. my last change is, on the holidays I am going to turn it into a trilogy and sent it to my idol, Rick Riordan, the inspiration for my passion to write.

These may not have been big adjustments but they are still one more stair to the top.

I am very proud of my passion project and can’t wait to share it with all of you. 🙂

Building Views

The year 6 were set a challenge namely, “Building Views.” This task was developing our visual learning skills because we were given a sheet with what a “building” looks like and we had to make that except finding variations of the maximum and minimum amount of blocks.

Some of the strategies I used to find minimums and maximums were first I built what I saw which was not a minimum or a maximum, just a version. Then I removed as many blocks as possible without changing the view to create the minimum. Then to create the maximum I added in as many blocks as possible without damaging or distorting the view.

I found finding the minimum and maximum views challenging because whenever I made a mistake on one side (not even a big one) I had to knock it down because it ruined every aspect of the building forcing me to start afresh.

I learnt about how different hands on learning is from a task written down. I thought visual learning was hard but it is actually a lot easier than tasks on a book.

Passion Project update

So far for my Passion Project (writing a chapter book) I have:

Created a seed for writing in the “right direction” and not going off track. Seeds help me not go off on a tangent in my writing (when I go off on a tangent I wright an extra 20 pages). chapter book seeds are very different to the usual seeds we do in class, you:

  • have to already have a general idea eg: text type, story (is it about aliens, humans, animals, ……) etc etc.
  • map out the setting (introduce characters and where they are), beginning (where the story properly starts), build up (the lead into the problem), climax (the problem), another climax (optional), downfall (the lead to finding the solution), the resolution (where they solve the problem), the ending (where the story concludes/finishes).

I have also come up with the title: “Wolf Prey” and designed a front cover which has the title in the top left corner, and the image of a snarling wolf.

Term 2 Passion Project Descrription

For my passion project, I am turning one of my writing pieces from class into a chapter book because I LOVE writing. I have always enjoyed writing and am constantly taking things from my every day life to inspire me for another writing piece. When I am in the car to school I look at my surroundings and turn them into metaphors or writing pieces.

I enjoy writing mythological and fantasy narratives. I got into this style from reading Harry Potter at the end of year 2. After reading Harry Potter I was recommended to read Percy Jackson because my friend was sick of me reading the series over and over again. I loved Percy Jackson so much that by the time I finished the series I wanted Rick Riordan to write 6 more in the series but since that wasn’t going to happen I read more of Rick’s books. I read extensions to Percy Jackson such as Percy Jackson Tells You About The Greek Gods. I  have also read the series’ by Rick: The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and,  The trials of Apollo. Rick Riordan writes about myths (gods & beasts) from many ancient cultures. I have read each book many times which has given me a passion about old myths. This has made me interested in writing narratives based on ancient mythology.

Digital Citizenship

Some people might find this funny because of the fact that these tiny little kids who can’t even touch the ground with their feet when they sit down are on social media – but I don’t. To me it is a very miserable drawing because of the little boy with the soccer ball. From an artistic view, I can see that all of the kids on their phones are surrounded by darkness whereas the boy with the soccer ball is surrounded by a bright light. Although, is the light happy? I don’t think so.

the message seems to be that social media is a dark, grey world – so step into the light of getting off technology and being active. I also feel there are many more hidden meanings that lay under this picture. As they say: a single picture tells a million words.

To me this message is very important, because if we don’t action it there will be horrible consequences. Imagine what our world will be like if we don’t get off our phones; living a life without truly living it.

Is this photo really funny? Because it shouldn’t be. Don’t let our beautiful world turn grey. Now think, is this actually funny?

Win At The Fair

Win at the fair is a project where we have to raise money for an imaginary school using a game board. The game board must be profitable but also enticing, meaning that it has to make money but also make people want to play setting a hard challenge for the year 6. When you play the game board you must spend a dollar to play and that is how we earn the money but the thing you want to avoid is people hitting jackpots so we have to pay them instead.  The process will be to create many game boards and play them 1,000 times each using the computer. With my game board I have been questioning if it is enticing enough because it seems to be making a little too much money.

Our first game board looked promising and to test it we played 100 games. In doing so we revealed that the board was the “losing version” because it wasn’t profitable and we had a total loss of $96.40  and unless we wanted to be a charity, this board was heading downhill because it wasn’t profitable so guess what? We had to make a new board!

At this stage we had brainstormed some ideas for a game board such as teleportation, black holes and snakes and ladders. After that we had created a game board. It very fun until we found out that was only the creative version and that we had to make an official version. In the official version you weren’t aloud to use black holes and etc we could only change the prize values ranging from $0 – anything. Here is my creative and official version.

My official version was too profitable since it is one dollar to play and most people land on $0 or 50c meaning it wasn’t enticing. So I used maths 300 to make some small changes. The main change was getting  rid of one of the two $0. The $0 I removed was the one most landed on. I also changed any price below 50c.