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Passion Project Update

So far in my passion project I have designed my plan and gone to Bunnings and got all the wood that I need. I still have to attach it all together, get a net and put it on and then paint the goal. A big challenge is finding the time to do it.  I’m still really excited.

P.P. desciption

For my passion project I am going to make a soccer goal out of wood and then add a net on it. I haven’t done it yet but we’ve got all the parts yet except for the net. I have never done anything like it but I will have a go. I am doing it with my dad and brother.

Passion Project Update

I have really enjoyed the challenge of recreating the greatest goals ever. It has been really hard but fun. I have still got a bit of filming left but i have done most of it. The hardest ones have been: Pavard,  Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Beckham and Xabi Alonso so far.Image result for pavard goal

Term 3 Passion Project

For my passion project I am going to recreate some of the most famous goals ever in soccer. I am going to do it because I love soccer and it would be fun to challenge myself and try it. I’m also going to add the commentary of the commentators when the actual player scored the goal. It’s really funny to listen to. I’ve always wanted to do it and I am really looking forward to starting my passion project.Image result for beckham free kick

Birke Baehr TED TALK

In Birke Baehr’s TED talk there were many messages:      Think twice before you buy anything.      Don’t be tricked by the cover of a packet. It may look good but it is just a way to get your attention.     Make the effort to pay the farmers who don’t spray their food instead of the easy option: the supermarket. They make their food poison so it lasts.   Don’t just take the  easy option.

One of the three powerful take-aways would be all the facts he shared to make the audience believe him. Especially about putting fish DNA in a tomato(disgusting). Another one is he told everyone to change the world. Tell kids on by one what’s in the food they’re eating. The last one is that the animals get cancer with the stuff people do so when they send the meat to supermarkets it doesn’t go off.



Richard Turere TED Talk

I think the main messages in Richard’s TED Talk is if you don’t succeed the first time don’t  give up and also violence isn’t the answer. Find a way around it.

Richard got these massages to his audience in a sensible way. He added humour when he needed to but he was serious in the bits he had to be. He added eye contact with the audience to keep them engaged. His presentation was set at a good pace. He didn’t speak too fast or too slow. When he spoke he didn’t go on and on.

He used a head set mic so he could speak louder. He also had a clicker and a screen so he could change the images on the screen to match what he was saying. It was also good so he could show what he did.

The presentation techniques he used were eye contact, the pace he spoke at and his humour.


Here’s my negative side of these acronyms. These are things we should try and avoid.

T for Trauma               

H for Hurtful            

I for Irresponsible      

N for Negative               

K for Kill     

I chose trauma for T because it can disturb people and give them stress.

I chose hurtful for H because some of the things that people say can hurt others.

I chose irresponsible for I because some of the things can be silly and not nice.

I chose negative for N because there’s already a lot of negativity in the world and people don’t have to add. It can also make people feel bad about themselves.

I chose kill for K because if you say something bad to someone you could kill there hopes or dreams.

Passion Project Term 2

For my Passion Project I have decided to go photography on my Mum’s iPhone.  The reason why I want to go it is because I love taking photos. We have recently moved house near the beach and I have thought of some really good photos. I always take photos in my free time from my house.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

The main messages in Thomas’ TED Talk was instead of playing apps you could create them.  You could join the app club and go on websites to learn to make them.

He got his messages to his audience with an interactive talk to keep his listeners entertained and added a bit of humour.

He used a head set microphone so he can project and make his voice louder, an Ipad that has his script on it and a screen behind to show photos to go with what he is saying.

Thomas kept his audience engaged with his presentation with humour, jokes and photos behind him to go with with his script.