Birke Baehr TED TALK

In Birke Baehr’s TED talk there were many messages:      Think twice before you buy anything.      Don’t be tricked by the cover of a packet. It may look good but it is just a way to get your attention.     Make the effort to pay the farmers who don’t spray their food instead of the easy option: the supermarket. They make their food poison so it lasts.   Don’t just take the  easy option.

One of the three powerful take-aways would be all the facts he shared to make the audience believe him. Especially about putting fish DNA in a tomato(disgusting). Another one is he told everyone to change the world. Tell kids on by one what’s in the food they’re eating. The last one is that the animals get cancer with the stuff people do so when they send the meat to supermarkets it doesn’t go off.



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