Makey Makey

Makey Makey is a new kid of technology for me. I learnt it was simular to Hummingbirds and Arduino except easier and more simple. Some similarities are all three have either jumper wires or alligator clips. That made it easier to do and it helped me to make it easier to put the clips in.

This is the Makey Makey board. You can put jumper wires on one side and alligator clips on the other. The cross looking like bit of the board is where some of the alligator clips go. Down the bottom in the silver board where you can put six alligator clips to connect. The circles and earth and click. I’m think there the positive energy and negative energy.  

Fist bump

We made the fist bump activity. We needed to get on a YouTube video and when ever the Makey Makey board was connected to the computer, and Lucas and I were holding the alligator clip and when ever we did a fist bump the video pauses and when we do it again it plays. I learnt that you need to hold the alligator clip in a certain way or else it doesn’t work. In this I learnt with lots of activities you can control your computer.

This is a non-example. We were meant to play the guitar by pressing the coins while holding the tin foil. We learnt how to connect the jumper wires to the alligator clips. We connected the edge of the jumper wires by clipping the alligator clips. While we were trying to figure out what was wrong we re-read the instructions and then realised we should’ve put the foil on the end of the guitar and clipped an alligator but that still wasn’t working so we got up the computer and plugged it in and again it didn’t work because the computer was always disconnecting. We changed the computer and USB but it was no good. We eventually figured we were wasting time so we just moved on.

At the end I started to get the hang of it. It was challenging but that made it fun to try and figure the problem out. I really loved it. It was an awesome experience and want to do it  again.

Little bits


Little bits was the next rotation I really wanted to try and experiment with. I wanted to do something new that I’m never done before.With little bits I noticed straight away that the bits had a magnet on each side so it would stick together when you put them in. Also on the bottom corners there is a quarter of a circle so when you put four bits next to each other in a area it fits perfectly in a circle so that it can’t move and wreck the circuit by wobbling.

Tug of war

 I really enjoyed putting the bits in the places with the magnetic forces. The aim of this was to win by catching the other person out by pressing the button so many times that all the squares have gone to you until the arrow is pointing to your side. This was a major challenge because we have done nothing like this before so it wouldn’t click like we did in Makey Makey. We needed to make characters and then stick the Velcro on the character so it would connect with the circuit which would make the lights work to do tug of war.

During my time learning about little bits about I will remember all the learning with connecting with sticking Velcro and how it all joins in the circular hole and the program.

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