Ultrasonic sensor

What is an ultrasonic sensor?

An ultrasonic sensor is a sensor that can sense distance such as centimetres inches and millimetres and reflected light intensity. eg :If the light intensity is 100 it is most likely to be something really shiny and bright. You can attach the ultrasonic sensor anywhere as long as it is facing the way you want it to sense. After we got the first challenge we started to get the hang of the coding and then it all made more sense to us. After the sensor senses something it has a choice of how to react using the coding.

Challenge 1

In the first challenge we programmed the EV3 to sense a solid object and then stop. In this challenge we made the wall act as the object. It was quite easy to do this challenge because we had so much knowledge about the colour sensor and the program. It was also simple because at Robo Cup we used the ultrasonic sensor to sense something within 20 centimetres so it was really similar .

This is our first challenge video.


Challenge 2

The second challenge was a bit difficult but not too difficult to complete because I had a lot of connections to make between the two challenges . We needed to create an enclosed space and make our EV3 go like this: forwards until it senses something, turn left or right then sense something else and do it over and over. I programmed my EV3 to stop when it gets less than 20 centimetres close to an object, turn right and then repeat over and over.

This is our second challenge video.


Some difficulties for us was we only had a little bit of knowledge about the ultrasonic sensor and took us a while to figure out how to completely use it. Another difficulty was connecting it on so that was a challenge.


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