The Arduino board is quite simular to the Hummingbird kit.

This is the breadboard.                                        This is the Arduino board.

Challenge 1: The potentiometer

The potentiometer is simular to a light switch or a dimmer. This is an non example. We didn’t get it to work completely. At the end before we pulled it apart we realised the potentiometer wasn’t  in the right place so now every time it isn’t working  we check all the  jumper wires are in the right place.

Challenge 2 The blinking LEDs. 

Our blinking LEDs were not working even though we had everything in the right spots the right amount of the wires and everything was correct. First we restarted the computer then shut in down but it still wasn’t working so we changed the cord many times and it still wasn’t working. Eventually we figured out if we change a computer it might work and we got it. We got it to do the opposite of what it was meant to do. We made it turn of when we pressed it and on when we left it.

Challenge 3

This challenge was one we did really quickly. We made sure all the jumpers were in the right place so we didn’t need to restart it like most of our other challenges.


Challenge 4 Loop Scroll

Personally I think this was the hardest challenge. The first thing that went wrong was that we put the wrong resisters so we went to get the correct ones and put them the wrong way so we changed that and then it worked.

Challenge 5 LCD Screen

In the LCD we were so close finishing and then we accidently pulled out a couple jumper wires so we decided to start again. Before we had finish putting the jumper wires in we turned the potentiometer the LCD screen started flickering and then we realised we didn’t need the last two jumper wires or the programming on the computer


The things I really liked about Arduino were how if you mess up just one thing and you don’t know what you mess up you have to start over just to be safe. I loved the challenge of Arduino. It was really fun.

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