EV3 Line Follower

The third challenge of the EV3 was the line following challenge around the oval without making the EV3 go of the oval.

In my program I made my ev3 go right 20 degrees if it doesn’t sense the black line while going forwards and if it does sense the black to go forward a little bit and then turn left 20 degrees. I put the EV3 on speed 20 so it goes really slow but I tried to make my EV3 go faster but then it didn’t work for me so I adjusted it to speed 20.

I only put half of the video because it was too long and wouldn’t let my download it on my blog.


Here is my program that works. 

The first bit of my program is the start brick. When you press that it make the whole program start.

The second bit is the loop block . You can tell it when to stop if it sensors something or the numbers up the top of the loop. I made it go infinite times.

The third one is the switch block. You ask the question “can you see it, or can’t you see it”? This is what i asked. If you can see it do a twenty degree turn to the left and then if you can see it do a twenty degree turn to the right.

This made my robot do a zig-zag around the oval. This made it go twice as slow. I timed my EV3 and it took it forty-two seconds to go around the whole oval and  back to the exact starting position.



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