Today in Triple R we focused on digital citizenship, and watched a video about kids who where having problems with their devices and personal information, one of the kids that I am going to be typing about, is Kerian.

Kerian is having problems with his video games, from the age of 7 he was spending way more time on his ps4/Xbox than he should, but by the time he was 15 he was spending 13 hours on it a day, and that was negatively affecting his life.

this was negatively affecting his life because his friends at a young age left him and, when he was 13/15 he had stopped brushing his teeth and washing and was falling asleep in class and rushing home to play, and when he was 15, he dropped out of school, to play. he needed to stop.

He came out of his room one day to let his dad know that he needed help with his game problem, so his dad got him a psychologist, who helps kid with addictions, and then he eventually stopped.

When he was a  young kid    



D.C Cartoons

In this session, we looked at some digital etiquette cartoons such as this one, we discussed why some people would find it funny, and we discussed that some people would find it funny because the guy is on his phone getting and sending lots of tweets, while the girl is sitting on the bench looking at a beautiful, bird singing a song, or “tweeting”

the message is that you should not be addicted to your phone, and have a look around at the nature of things, and don’t be addicted to your phone.

this is an important message because if you are addicted to your phone you only know the people on your phone and you don’t form lasting relationships.

now that i have analysed it i still get the joke but understand the meaning behind it.


Digital Etiquette

this week in triple R we watched a quick video on digital etiquette, here are the questions.

  • Netiquette using the correct or acceptable way of using the Internet. like when your at the dinner table you need to use manners, and behave as you are expected to.
  • Flaming / Flame Wars are when people get in an argument on line and people insult others.
  • Trolls are people who deliberately trigger others just to have a laugh at them.
  • Anonymous means when someone sends you something and you don’t know who they are, you would say, “someone anonymous sent me something.”
  • Communicating clearly means, saying what you mean to say, being open and honest,
  • Permission is when you need to ask someone if you can pass their email on to someone else, add them to a group chat, or to use their info to access something like a computer game of phone.
  • once your message is out, it’s out, means that if you post something on the internet or social media, usually you can’t take it back, so be careful of what you post.

Digital Citizenship

today in class we have had our first D.C (Digital Citizenship), as you can see the image above has the word think as an acronym going T is it True? this means that if you are ever sending something on Instagram, Facebook, i message or any social network you have to think is it true what you are sending/posting, next for the H is it helpful? so that means if you are sending/posting something you think is it helpful what I’m sending/posting? then for the I is it inspiring? that means is you are sending/posting something if it’s not inspiring don’t send/post it, N is it necessary? then again if you are not sending something that’s not necessary don’t send it, K is it kind, if it’s not kind really don’t send/ post it. so remember is you are sending something that you think is not, true, helpful, inspiring, necessary or kind, don’t send it!!!