For our first RVE session on this topic, we were given the challenge to make a country report on a double spread page. As shown. we had to write about several sub-headings. Social Behaviours, Religion and Customs.

Fiji has some of the differences to us here in Australia.

In Fiji, staring is considered offensive, public displays of affection even between married couples, is discouraged. It is also considered very rude and impolite to refuse a refreshment like tea.

In Fiji, Rugby is the most popular sport, we prefer AFL, although they also enjoy swimming and volleyball. Among the men drinking Yaqona (Kava) is an important social ritual.

People in Fiji believe in lot’s of religions, the main ones are Christian, Hindu and Muslims. Freedom in Religion is guaranteed by the constitution.

But Fiji and Australia have some similarity’s

Fiji and Australia are very passionate about Rugby and swimming.

They also wear some western style clothes like us.

They have the union jack in their flag, as do we.

They it is also very warm at times in Fiji.

The two country’s have some similarity’s, but the thing I would enjoy most would be seeing the spectacular sunsets and sunrises. One of the things that I would find difficult in the culture would be not refusing some of the refreshments like tea and juice.

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