Building Views

The activity that we had to do, was that we were given a problem sheet and some building blocks and we were asked to build the buildings on the sheet, then we were told to draw the buildings in our book, it looked like this.

We then had to do the same thing but with out the building blocks to help us. After that we had the Views of the buildings but with no grid or numbers to help. As well as having a block limit of 15. That bit was tricky.

Some of the strategies that I used to figure out some of the maximums and minimums of each building were to build the View and then take away take away the blocks until I had the correct View and number of blocks, that’s what I did to find the maximum. What I did to find the minimum, was to do roughly the same thing for the maximum. I built the View with the maximum amount of blocks and then took away the maximum amount of blocks so I could have the correct View and have the least amount of blocks.

What I found challenging was trying to find the maximum and minimum amount without a grid or numbers to help me. Also trying to find the right view as well as have the correct number of blocks.

I learnt how to solve problems like this using creative strategies to help me. I also learnt that figuring out maths problems isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t easy either. As well as using the maths tool-box we have to help us work out problems like this.

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