Today in Triple R we focused on digital citizenship, and watched a video about kids who where having problems with their devices and personal information, one of the kids that I am going to be typing about, is Kerian.

Kerian is having problems with his video games, from the age of 7 he was spending way more time on his ps4/Xbox than he should, but by the time he was 15 he was spending 13 hours on it a day, and that was negatively affecting his life.

this was negatively affecting his life because his friends at a young age left him and, when he was 13/15 he had stopped brushing his teeth and washing and was falling asleep in class and rushing home to play, and when he was 15, he dropped out of school, to play. he needed to stop.

He came out of his room one day to let his dad know that he needed help with his game problem, so his dad got him a psychologist, who helps kid with addictions, and then he eventually stopped.

When he was a  young kid    



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