Digital Etiquette

this week in triple R we watched a quick video on digital etiquette, here are the questions.

  • Netiquette using the correct or acceptable way of using the Internet. like when your at the dinner table you need to use manners, and behave as you are expected to.
  • Flaming / Flame Wars are when people get in an argument on line and people insult others.
  • Trolls are people who deliberately trigger others just to have a laugh at them.
  • Anonymous means when someone sends you something and you don’t know who they are, you would say, “someone anonymous sent me something.”
  • Communicating clearly means, saying what you mean to say, being open and honest,
  • Permission is when you need to ask someone if you can pass their email on to someone else, add them to a group chat, or to use their info to access something like a computer game of phone.
  • once your message is out, it’s out, means that if you post something on the internet or social media, usually you can’t take it back, so be careful of what you post.
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