Passion Project #2

So far with my music making I have made a couple of songs but still have lot’s of tuning and fine tuning to do. I have learn’t that it takes quite a while to make songs and you can’t publish your songs to iTunes straight away, you have to think about copy-write, and whether when this begins and when it ends is right, and you also have to make the assumption that no-one is going to like your music and that you will not be famous or well known. I am beginning to think of lyrical matter for some of my songs it is and can be really quite hard. Some successes I have had are that my songs are coming along well enough but there is a lot of work to be done, and some of the challenges I have had are that I am having a little bit of trouble with the timing of when things come in and go out. the next step for me is to keep on adjusting one song at a time until they are complete so I can move on to a different song.

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