Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Some of the main messages in Birkes TED talk are that, how well big food brands are catching the eyes of small kids with colourful packaging, and it’s unhealthy food as well, also he said that we can change the food system ‘one kid at a time’, when he says that he means that change is possible but it can’t happen straight away, it has to take time.

The ways he got his messages across to his audience, were that he used lot’s of jokes, and humour to keep his audience light hearted and engaged, he also had thorough eye contact throughout the whole thing and he kept his audience interested by explaining to them whats wrong with the food system and what scientists are doing to make it wrong.

The technical support he used was a screen to make jokes and show statistics he also used a microphone to help the audience hear him.

Some of the presentation techniques he used well were humour, eye contact and hand gestures.



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