Sport post

In sport I am doing a two handed strike. And what I am learning to do is keep my eyes on the ball at all times throughout the strike so yeah.

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Passion Project post 1

My wonderful Passion Project is a short book and I’m wanting to do it so everyone can read it! And you know what my message is? My message is to let people (mostly young kids) know  that you shouldn’t just mess around with things for no reason. I want lots of children to read the stories I’ve written and be excited and happy every time they read one. And what I’m looking forward to is exploring with words.That’s why I want to do a short book for my passion project.

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Think Online

The think online image  is to make you think about what you say or what you do before you put it on the internet or online.

I believe that every interaction online must be:

True because if it’s not it could mislead people into believing something that’s not true.

Helpful because it’s just a waste of time for other people that read it and has no need to be there.

Inspiring because if you’re making  like a YouTube video it’s better to make something inspiring rather than something boring and unhelpful.

Necessary because if it’s not then what’s the point of putting it out there .

Kind because you don’t want to be mean and hurtful. It makes people upset, that’s why you should always make sure you’re being nice not mean.

If you don’t follow these things then don’t put it on the internet! This list it will save you a lot of trouble if you listen to it.

Film School Reflection

The most entertaining and fun thing to do was pretending to present on camera, saying: Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled  Peppers. Which sometimes ended up sounding like: Peter Piper Picked a Peck of piffled Pethers. And I think my favourite clinic was Presenting, or maybe I should say. PreeeeeSENTING!!!. I’m pretty sure my most important learning experience was kind of learning how to use Premier. Definitely the blog posts they were for sure my biggest challenge. I suggest that we could record us saying our reflection instead because then it might be a bit easier to explain what we learnt. If I were the teacher I would keep the clinics the same but do less blog posts and only blog about the most important things.

Term 1 Reflection

This is my reflection on the most busiest term ever, even busier than a highway. The  best learning highlight for me was in art and I learnt what copic pens (markers) are and how to use them, and they are pretty fantastic! What I found challenging was, EVERYTHING! A new school, new friends, new things, new people, new subjects. It’s hard. What I would do differently, is make sure I keep up with the work. And the learning behaviours I’d like to develop are trying to be more involved and more aware of what’s happening which is pretty important.

Lapel microphones

To make the lapel microphone work you have to have a receiver and a transmitter if you get numbers 1 and 2 it won’t work if you get numbers for example 1 and 1 it will work. Make sure to clip the receiver onto the side of the camera and the transmitter on the side of your pants sand the waistline. You plug the cord into the transmitter and clip the lapel microphone onto the left side of you top or maybe for girl dresses, and make sure it is at the top near the collar or on the collar.

Shotgun Microphones

To secure (clip on)  the microphone on the camera you  have to in clip the  part on the top. make sure you always plug in your headphones. A small sign that the shotgun mic is on is the audio bar is on and flickering. Oh and you have to plug the shotgun mic in to. I’m pretty sure the longest distance away you could hear it from is at least 30 metres away. And the actual microphone is covered by a windsock to stop the wind.

Royalty Free Music

To get royalty free music, you search up Bensound and you pick the music that you want. There are different categories of music: Acoustic/Folk, Cinematic, Corporate pop, Electronica, Funky/Groove, Jazz, Rock,. You can download the music but you have to credit Bensound which lets you use it. You can use it in all sorts of things like Adobe Premier and so on.

Audio Booths

The rules for the audio booths are: No food what so ever in there, being inside it for five minutes at the most, don’t knock on the window or door because the microphone will pick the sound up, only two people in the booth at a time.

We also got some new microphones that can move up, down and around. And to use these mics you have to be a hand away when speaking normally, if you’re really quiet  pull it closer and if you’re really loud move it further away. There is also a cord you have to plug into you’re laptop so it will work, and if you want to hear it you have to unplug it. last thing is that we always plug our headphones in so we can hear what we’re saying.


The editing program we will probably be using the most is Adobe Premiere. And hen using editing software always work off desktop. Now in Adobe Premiere when you want to trim the footage or audio you click on either the footage or audio and go to the end of it and there should be a red arrow and you drag it to where you want it. (Basically it makes it how short or long you want it).  I am going to list the important things now:


Scroll bar in time line

Speed/duration (time-lapse)

Volume control (mute or extra volume)

Text-titles tab > assembly (right click font)