Win At The Fair

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Last week we played a game called Win At The Fair. To play this game you will need the game board like in the picture above and you will also need two dice and a counter. When you roll a certain number you either move up, left or right, like if I roll six for example, I would move up. So on and so forth. If you land on one of the prize money on the sides,  you win! Sort of because if you land on fifty cents or above, you lose money cause it is one dollar per game. The person running the game wants to make money so the average money they want to earn a day is about $300 or $400 and the average they want to give out is at least $700. And we based this out of 1000 games a day. We then played it. (not 1000 games though we only played 83). After that we had to create our own game board.

With the game board we made we put them onto maths300 and tested them. I played around with mine for a while until I had it right. I remember changing the jackpot at the bottom which was $10.00 and made it into $8.50 and it really changed everything I also think I changed the no prize/ $0.00 to $0.10 and that also helped. Here is a picture to show you what happened with my game board. I also think people will get attracted to this game because they might think they have a good chance at wining the jackpot or they might think that no matter what they will get money.