United States Of America compared to Australia

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In RVE we did a small project about different cultures around the world. We had to pick a country and investigate the Social Behaviours, Religion and Customs in that country. I chose the USA. We now have to compare the differences and similarities between the country we chose and Australia.

The first difference between Australia and America is the football. Us Australians just where the team football jersey and some football boots. In America they where a helmet some shoulder pads and knee pads with an American style football jersey and football boots. Our goals look different too. The American goals look like a square with no top put on top of a pole. The Australian version is four poles. The two middle poles are the tallest and the outta poles are smaller.

America has many different religions so does Australia. America is mostly Christianity so is Australia.

Americans celebrate some different festivals like Thanksgiving, Halloween (which was brought over by the Irish immigrants) and The 4th Of July. In Australia we do celebrate that except kind of Halloween.

Some similarities are language. Australia and America both speak English but we have slightly different accents. We both use dollar currency. We both don’t have a main food.

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