United States Of America compared to Australia

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In RVE we did a small project about different cultures around the world. We had to pick a country and investigate the Social Behaviours, Religion and Customs in that country. I chose the USA. We now have to compare the differences and similarities between the country we chose and Australia.

The first difference between Australia and America is the football. Us Australians just where the team football jersey and some football boots. In America they where a helmet some shoulder pads and knee pads with an American style football jersey and football boots. Our goals look different too. The American goals look like a square with no top put on top of a pole. The Australian version is four poles. The two middle poles are the tallest and the outta poles are smaller.

America has many different religions so does Australia. America is mostly Christianity so is Australia.

Americans celebrate some different festivals like Thanksgiving, Halloween (which was brought over by the Irish immigrants) and The 4th Of July. In Australia we do celebrate that except kind of Halloween.

Some similarities are language. Australia and America both speak English but we have slightly different accents. We both use dollar currency. We both don’t have a main food.

The Lost Princess

The Lost Princess is about four characters, three are based on real stories and one of them is fictional. It tells us what these three kids have experienced. They use actors to replace the kids. The Lost Princess is the one who makes some of the same mistakes and ties all the stories together. I chose to talk about Kieran. The problem Kieran encountered was he just couldn’t stop playing video games. That effected his health and mental health issues. He was on video games at least thirteen hours a day. He then realised that he needed help so Kieran asked his Dad. But the thing that really surprised me was that the Dad didn’t interfere sooner or very much. All he said was “you should get off it now” but of course it didn’t work. 

Win At The Fair

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Last week we played a game called Win At The Fair. To play this game you will need the game board like in the picture above and you will also need two dice and a counter. When you roll a certain number you either move up, left or right, like if I roll six for example, I would move up. So on and so forth. If you land on one of the prize money on the sides,  you win! Sort of because if you land on fifty cents or above, you lose money cause it is one dollar per game. The person running the game wants to make money so the average money they want to earn a day is about $300 or $400 and the average they want to give out is at least $700. And we based this out of 1000 games a day. We then played it. (not 1000 games though we only played 83). After that we had to create our own game board.

With the game board we made we put them onto maths300 and tested them. I played around with mine for a while until I had it right. I remember changing the jackpot at the bottom which was $10.00 and made it into $8.50 and it really changed everything I also think I changed the no prize/ $0.00 to $0.10 and that also helped. Here is a picture to show you what happened with my game board. I also think people will get attracted to this game because they might think they have a good chance at wining the jackpot or they might think that no matter what they will get money.



Myself as a reader

When I read, I like to sit in the Library. And when I am reading it probably looks like I am concentrated in deep thought. When I’m at the Library I sit on one of the grey couches. And my favourite spot of the book is I am pretty sure the middle.

Also when I read, it’s nice when it sounds very quiet but not completely silent I don’t like music or lots of noise or else I can’t read and I get annoyed. I love to read in my head because I can imagine the voices and I can think about the book more. I sometimes hear and see the teacher show us a book and if I like the title I have a look at it. I don’t particularly like talking about what I’m reading but if I’ve got a good book I’ll probably tell my family.

When I’m reading I almost imminently enter the book and it’s like I am there watch everything happen around me. When I start a book I keep reading until I am done and start another. Rarely I get mad with the book if something mean happens. I read whenever I can especially at school. I LOVE READING!

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Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard’s TED talk was so inspiring, it made me feel like I could do anything and not give up.

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I think the main message to me was that even little ideas or inventions can make a big difference and that you should never give up just keep trying and eventually you will get there.  And how he got these messages across to me was through a slideshow and through his voice and also a little bit of humour. The technology he used was a big screen behind him producing his slideshow. The presentation techniques he used well were the slideshow and his speech/TED Talk. I was so hooked into it and listened all the way through. If I could meet him in person my question would be how did you think of this idea and how did you actually make it work?

Sport post 3

Today we played some games like punt race and another game where you do a two handed strike and hit the ball then you run back and forth from one cone to another to get points. With punt race the girls won so they pick the game for next week.

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Sport post 2

In sport I’m doing two handed strike. Georgie and I videoed each other in three attempts and we looked back at what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong. I have to make sure I am parallel to the stand and that I hit the ball correctly. I think I need to work on that a lot more.

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Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Wow! The main message I took away from that was he wants to let other people know that making an app is not impossible it’s just difficult, but if you try hard enough and persist in doing that. The way he got his message across was through speaking a few pictures on a small slideshow and also through jokes, kind of. His technical support was an iPad to just maybe glance at his script and some pictures on a big screen behind him. The presentation techniques he used well were using a few jokes here and there, expression, slideshow and some of his personal stories. And he used them very well.

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Digital Etiquette

Netiquette is a word we use for digital etiquette. Netiquette is being polite online and making sure you don’t put anything online that probably doesn’t need or should be there. Flaming or Flame Wars are when someone sends a mean comment or message about a picture or video or just something on the internet. Some people actually surf the internet for something to start a argument or fight about, these people are called Trolls. Anonymous is where someone will use a fake name so no one knows who it is so anyone can be mean or rude thinking they can do what they want because no one knows who it is. Communicating clearly is also very important so people know what you mean like don’t write in capital letters, emoji’s help too because through text or comment people can’t see your expressions or tone of voice so emoji’s help do that here is an example of a misinterpreted text (NICE JOB! YOU GOT 70% ON YOUR TEST!) and here is the text that makes sense (Nice job! You got 70% on your test! =D) See the difference? Permission now that is important. If you want to post a picture of your friend or family member you must get permission from them first to make sure it is ok or they might feel embarrassed about that picture because they might not of wanted that picture to be seen by the world. Once your message is out, it’s out means that once you post it or send it you can’t get rid of it.

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Planning Post

What I’m planning is my short book I’m planning what will happen next and what happens at the end It’s actually quite hard and stressful but I’m still trying to enjoy it as much as I can. It is getting there. I will finish It. And what I’m planning is that my characters come face to face with a big pink bear and… I won’t tell you more or I’ll give it away.

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