matter is everything around us that has weight or mass. there is  5 states  of matter first one is gas second one is solid another is liquid another is plasma witch the universe is made up of 99% of it and earth only has a little bit of plasma   and the last one is BoseEinstein condensates  witch is close to absolute 0 and was man made i 1995 . all of the 5 states are made up of atoms. the atoms inside of solids are tightly packed. atoms inside of liquid  are further apart. atoms inside gas are far apart. atoms inside plasma go crazy.   Bose-Einstein condensates just has one big atom. your weight o the moon will always be less then your weight on earth. matter can be seen and felt and all mater has volume.

this is a atom







this is the BoseEinstein condensates being made               this is the 4 stats and the 5 one inst here




this BoseEinstein condensates is what it looks like in space                                                                                                                                  

lesson  2 year 6 science

we learnt about physical and chemical changes and we did an experiment with paper when you screw it up and rip it its a physical change but when you light it on fire and it smells and it turns to ash that a chemical change because something has formed from something . a physical change is when nothing is formed but it might feel or look different. we also talked about safety precautions   when we do experiments like be  careful with the test tubes and do not touch the dry ice when we use it because it is -78 cellist witch is cold and can give you frost bite.  we also talked  about the right way to mix things like the flicking technique and also how to measure with the thermometer and how to red the red line in the middle read with the numbers.








this is a chemical change                                                             this is a physical change