This is my design a single mini golf putting hole project.  In this project we are using  a Hummingbird  circuit board and a EV3 robot.  The course starts with a loop to loop obstacle, which  then leads  to a wind mill, goes through the windmill and  comes out the other side towards the putting hole.  The groups main goal is to create a single mini golf hole that utilises EV3 robot and hummingbird. The EV3 robot is  used the for the windmill which will be using a motor to make it spin around. The hummingbird is for the loop to loop obstacle, where  we will be using a vibration motor to make it vibrate through the pipe.












We started the  construction today and completed  the first stage out of  four. The first stage is the base of the putting  green where you hit off. The base was constructed using wood and nails and then we glued the fake grass on the top of the wood base. Stage two of the the construction we had to glue down the loop loop pipe to the base.  The hardest part of the construction so far,  has been trying to secure the pipe as its not very stable.  That is all our construction so far, the next part of the construction is the wind mill and the putting hole at the end.


this is our windmill that we are using for our mini golf hole. it will go before  the pipe it is made out of Lego and this is the code. its only small bit of code but it works.




we have started our stage 3 construction. this is our start this morning.  still more  to build  later  today.  this  is our out come at the end of the day. so in this video  it shows how our mini golf hole works its starts on the the first platform then goes through the loop to loop then comes out into the hole but we haven’t made a hole yet.

so this is our new cod for our windmill it will spin around 360   say okay  to slow things down to hit the ball through.   




this  is our  video of our course

this is  humming bird code for the vibration motor and the tri coloured  led.








this is the finishing product for our mini golf project