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mini golf project

This is my design a single mini golf putting hole project.  In this project we are using  a Hummingbird  circuit board and a EV3 robot.  The course starts with a loop to loop obstacle, which  then leads  to a wind mill, goes through the windmill and  comes out the other side towards the putting hole.  The groups main goal is to create a single mini golf hole that utilises EV3 robot and hummingbird. The EV3 robot is  used the for the windmill which will be using a motor to make it spin around. The hummingbird is for the loop to loop obstacle, where  we will be using a vibration motor to make it vibrate through the pipe.












We started the  construction today and completed  the first stage out of  four. The first stage is the base of the putting  green where you hit off. The base was constructed using wood and nails and then we glued the fake grass on the top of the wood base. Stage two of the the construction we had to glue down the loop loop pipe to the base.  The hardest part of the construction so far,  has been trying to secure the pipe as its not very stable.  That is all our construction so far, the next part of the construction is the wind mill and the putting hole at the end.


this is our windmill that we are using for our mini golf hole. it will go before  the pipe it is made out of Lego and this is the code. its only small bit of code but it works.




we have started our stage 3 construction. this is our start this morning.  still more  to build  later  today.  this  is our out come at the end of the day. so in this video  it shows how our mini golf hole works its starts on the the first platform then goes through the loop to loop then comes out into the hole but we haven’t made a hole yet.

so this is our new cod for our windmill it will spin around 360   say okay  to slow things down to hit the ball through.   




this  is our  video of our course

this is  humming bird code for the vibration motor and the tri coloured  led.








this is the finishing product for our mini golf project



kite shape patters

this  kite shape is  made out of four kite shapes to make a 360 degree angle.

these pictures have different angels in them one them has 90 degrees two has 112.5 degrees one of them is 45 degrees. all of these angels all     combined together equals up to 360 degrees. it always has to equal up to 360 degrees.



humming bird the bully vs gooly creature project


The Dr Seuss Hummingbird Challenge

What type of creature might you create?

What variables might you consider

•        Can your creature move? How? When? How much? How fast?

•        Does it make a sound? What sound?  When?  For how long?

•        What does it look like? Does it change colours? When?



My initial goal is to…….

to create a purple monster that looks like the Grinch witch is called a gooly  that uses leds  and we will be using a vibrating sensor  for the tube of doom.  the main idea is  that a kid comes up to the gooly  and he hits him he cry’s and gets sad but he stands up for him self but his really angry with the bully so he  press the button he lanched him into the tube of doom. then he becomes green and his happy.

Here are the parts, purposes and complexities of my design:

[insert scan from design book]



This is the first iteration of my creature’s system:


[insert video explanation]

[insert screencast of most challenging programming sequence]


The parts which were the most challenging were…….


I was able to get these working by……..



The second iteration of my creature’s system is to…..



Here are the parts, purposes and complexities of the additions to my design:

[insert scan from design book]



This is the second iteration of my creature’s system:

[insert video explanation]

[insert screencast of most challenging programming sequence]


The parts which were the most challenging were…….


I was able to get these working by……..



This is a short film of my learning journey throughout this project:


EV3 robotics project

we first had to  go with a partner think what we were going to build our first robot was a tricycle.

we had to big wheels attached to the back and a little one at the front but all of this is attached to the brick. the brick is the robot its the thing that makes every thing move and its. at the beginning our robot wouldn’t start we were trying to tried different things but it wouldn’t start  again but if we were going to start again it meant we would have to tear all our motors a the motor makes our brick move. so we took it all of and we got a new brick  so. me and my partner thought  of  a new design. this is our robot now.

this is a a picture of our the the thing on the front is a sensor  for it to work. on the back there  2 motors that makes it move with to wheels. to connect the wheels there are 2 axles that connect to the  motors  to make it it move smoothly. the ball Bering on the front makes it turn different ways if that wasn’t on the brick it wouldn’t turn it would just go strait. in this video our robot sensors my hand with the ultra sonic sensor turns around for 2 seconds. then it goes back to Gus. our main goal is to sense something and turn around and go back were it started .

what   i want  to do in the future is make it i would like to make

flemington race course makey makey project

our class has started  a makey makey project  about things in Australia . i chose to do flemington race course because it is one of the oldest race tracks in Australia  and it holds one of the biggest races in the world.

what micro bit is about

The BBC micro bit a coding device  with red led lights that you can make games and make it have a smiley face. The last few weeks our class is been working with  the BBC micro bit. We all started with our own micro bit  we all got a battery pack and a USB cord to connect to our micro bit. All of the class had to complete 5 or 6 lessons the were heaps of  fun lessons like rock, papers, scissors  truth or dare and we did a lesson when the micro bit would tell us the temperature. then after that every body could go on to scratch and code on scratch or do there own micro bit game or activity i am like micro bit so far it was cool that we can use something like a micro bit.

so this video is showing the temperature in my class room on my micro bit

debug it 2 2nd blog post

debug it 2


debug activity 1

micro bit lesson

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