My Passion Project

I love history and i love learning about our past and so for my passion project i will be telling one of my favorite tail of all but i am not going to give that much in fow but if you can find out what the man under nethe is you will be very close to knowing What my presentation is on now be ready to look throw time and she what our ancestors did.


I have started my plan and i have all my info and lots to do but i guarantee with will blow so people minds . I have got photos,drawing,info and songs to share i will tell you how it is going in 5 weeks bye .

Passion Project reflection

Doing my passion project was so much fun and i did not run in toeny differecutyes . My 8 week dance was so good each week we improved so much in our dance to step in time is stepping time . My film is finist and edited so it will be all ready for processing .So over all my passion project was a sickses .




Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk was about how animals are kept in barns barely big enough  to hold a cow . they keep animals in barns fill them up until they kill them. You may not now this but hungry jacks do this and many other companies. So he said this  know what you buying  from .he also said you can go to ner buy frames and get some or get things from your neighbours as well . He use photos to help his stores and it did help alot to show what he is talking about and so he got a lot of people on his side . So in conclusion I will say this know what you are buying from .

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

Richard Turere TED Talk is all about how he had a problem that lions and elephants were killing and destroying his village and he wanted to do something about it so he tried first to set fire to keep them a way but it did not work so then he tried a scarecrow it worked for one day but the lions were smart so they thought he live there he ant moving so then he realized that lions are afraid of moving light do he grabbed to old flash light and made them flash at different times and it worked so now his cows and bulls will say alive so he did it all over the village and now all there problems are solved and the lions are not eating there herds . His message was probably  that villense is not the answer and if you don’t succeed try try again . And he had really good photos that went with the story to so it was a great presentation .




Think before you say . on the internet there are a lot of negative people online and .We have talked this a lot the past throw weeks  Mr G and Mr H showed use this

this is what you have to do before you post something online. And here are some other words describing this things


T : thortful ,is it true , is it

H; is it a hater , is it helpful 




I think this words are very inspiring and true because u showed do all this things before you post and then you may stop hurting some one or hurting you reputation and self

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez TED Talk’Thomas is a very clever boy he has created games and stuff like for example bustin jieber  which is a wackimal games so he did the ted tok about how kids don’t want to just play games they want to make games as well  . And his people loved his speech it was entertaining and funny so funny and he told them what he wanted to do in the future. He also used his ipad to look at his scripted but he did not look at it much .