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United Arab Emirates

My country is United Arab Emirates also called UAE for short, we had to choose a country and we wrote down behaviours religion and customs in that country that you chose.

With every country there are differences:                                                                     1- They eat different food than us such as fish rice and meat but they also use a lot of spices on their food. Their favourite foods are lamb, mutton or Kebab skewers.                                                                                                                     2-  Most of their religion is Islam and for us most of Australians are Christian.        3- In the UAE the lady’s wear long black dresses and the men wear a long white cloak with a black garment. Here in Australia we wear comfortable clothes or short and a shirt.

There are also similarities with country’s:                                                               1- we both have red and white in our flag                                                                      2- we are all people                                                                                                            3- we both love meat

If I lived in the UAE I would find the clothes interesting because here you wear baggy or comfortable clothes and the you have clothes that you need or can wear. I would find the festivals or  traditions challenging because I don’t really know anything about them and their different but I also think that they would be fun to do.