The Lost Princess

The films were about people on social media ,Charlotte and the lost princess  had talked to strangers and learned that people on social media can be anyone as you cant actually see who they are., Keiran was addicted to his games and quit school and also didn’t get enough sleep so had to get some serious help and Lucy was a girl that got bullied by girls.

The film of Lucy was about her being bullied and they stole her phone just to get her account passwords which she put onto her phone, she was sitting down as the bullies decided to take her phone from her while she wasn’t looking. When she went onto her accounts they were different and they had sent messages to people which made it look like Lucy had done it. Lucy also got some messages and got upset. She had told her parents and they ended up calling the police and they had told her that she could have done something much earlier to stop it. From this film it shows that you have to keep your passwords some were same or remember them because someone could do the same thing as they did to Lucy, to you.

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