Monthly Archives: May 2018

Think Online

Today we learnt about Digital Citizenship and when you are on the internet or on social media you have to be kind, courteous and respectful. Here is a sentence to each word in Think that I believe is true and why.

T – is it true? because you cant lie to people

H – is it helpful? because you don’t send someone something that’s not helpful

I – is it inspiring? because you don’t make someone think they cant do something

N – is it necessary? because you don’t have to say something random

K – is it kind? because you don’t say something mean to someone


Passion Project Update

So far I have been doing really well with my Passion Project because I have finished doing my time-lapse video of me making my pompoms and I just have to video myself making the animal together and then I have to put the video together.

My first challenges were trying to make the pompom but they wouldn’t always work so I had to make more and more pompoms. I fixed this problem by doing it more carefully and not rushing because as I made the pompoms I tried to be faster so the video wouldn’t take to long but then I realised its a time-lapse video do I dlowed down and I finished making the pompoms.