Birke Baehr’s Ted Talk

I think that his main message was that you should eat organic food and that the best looking food is not the healthiest food that you can get, and that it’s better to use your money on organic food instead of getting sick and needing to go to the doctors. I also think he want’s people to know that 1 kid can make a different’s because they could tell some on and they would tell someone else and it would go on and on.

While he was doing his talk he put some humour into it like when he was talking about a tomato fish, he also had some other jokes that made the audience get into the talking more.

When he did it he had a microphone so you could hear him better when he talked and he also had a screen behind him so the audience could see pictures and visualise everything better and more.

He was talking loudly so that the audience could hear him even without a microphone and even though he had a really heavy accent you could still understand him. He also had really good eye contact because he didn’t have a script so he didn’t have to look down, and since he didn’t have a script he practiced it a lot and you could tell he knew it really well because he didn’t have a break┬álike you would usually do if you forget something. He also moved around the stage a lot so he didn’t stay in one spot.


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