Richard Turere’s Ted Talk

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In this blog post I think the main message is that either you can do what you set your mind to or that you can solve big problems with small solutions. I also think its that you can solve problems without being  violent.

When he did his ted talk when he wanted it to be serious he would talk in a serious tone but when he wanted to cut the tension in between he would do a small laugh. He mainly cut the tension when he was saying he broke his mums new radio to find out more about electronics,” She nearly killed me that day”.

When he did it he had the projector behind him so they could see what he was talking about more than them having to visualise everything. He also had a treehouse behind him so they could kind of see what his house was like or what it was like to live there, it was also for some scenery. He also had a microphone so the talking would be louder even though he was quite loud when he talked it helps people in the back of the audience hear him better.

I think he used his PowerPoint really well because he had some good pictures on it to show you what he actually used and how  he made it. He also matched his talking to the picture so it would make sense. He also moved around the stage a bit and used some hand jesters to help the audience understand him better. Even thought his accent was quite strong he also tried his best to make it clear for the audience. The pictures on his presentation were really strong so the audience could understand how he felt when his animals died.

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