Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I think that the main message to this film is that he started making apps and he want to continue making them but make them bigger and better. I also thing that he wants other people to be able to do things and make apps like him and I think he wants us to know that we can do what we set our minds to. While he did this he also made it funny so that the audience would find it more entertaining and be into it more whiles he’s explaining his things and talking. He also said thing that would draw the audiences attentions. When he was doing this talk he used an iPad that had some notes on it so he would know what to say and help him if he got stuck or forgot about something, he also had a screen behind him so the audience could see some pictures to see what he was talking about more and they would understand him more. He had a microphone as well so the audience could here him better when he talks because with out the microphone you wouldn’t be able to here him properly as they were in such a bit area. Whiles he was doing this he used his slideshow really well because it was clear and you could see the pictures properly. He also didn’t look at his iPad a lot so you could see had had eye contact with the audience but he also used some expretions and moved around the stage a bit instead of staying in one spot the whole time he was talking.

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