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Wireless Mics

Wireless Mics are better because you can go really far away from the camera and you will still be able to here the person through the headphones. It can go around 3-4 feet away from the camera. Sound is one of the most important parts of film making because if you don’t have any sound, the film gets quite boring. The big thing on the camera is called a view finder but you don’t have to use it. Tge good thing about it is you don’t have to take a lenses cap off. You always need to have a tripod and headphones with you when you use a Wireless Mic. The Lapel mic goes on your clothes and gets rid of lots of wind. Tripods help when you cant use the handle on the Camera.

Royalty Free Music

What is Copyright?

Copy right is when you take some music of the internet and you aren’t allowed to.

Royalty Free Music

You are not meant to use popular music when your creating soundtracks for your own film. For instructional films you would have to do an upbeat poppy tune. Mystery films would need moody or tense music. News Reporters would need a good news themed tune. Documentary would need to have a slower kind of song if it has a serious message with it.

We had to find music to Wonder, It, Titanic, Star Wars and the Greatest Showman.

Shotlists and Story boards

Film Making

60% of your time is planning, 10% of your time is producing or acting your film, and 30% of your time is editing your video

Story Boards

One of the most important stages of planning your video is creating a storyboard. There good for Shot put animations but not for long films because they would take ages to make.

Why do we use Story boards

When you have a story board, you can show your audience exactly what or how your video is going to look like before you even start it.