Session 1- Pseudocode and Robot build

Our robots are built from Lego.  For me Lego isn’t a regular thing to do so I was challenged during this task. I learnt that if you do 1 thing wrong it could affects the whole machine.

Session 2- designing

In today’s session we got to start a detailed design on the parts of our robot.

We needed to point out the parts that we thought had a big impact on controlling and making the robot work.  all the parts of our robot were important because if one piece wasn’t there it would effect the whole machine.

Session 3- designing

In today’s session we needed to add lots more detail to our designs.

This means we had to draw lots of different sides and birds’ iView. We also had to colour the drawings in and label all of them. This was quite challenging because you had to find something no other group found.



Session 4- designing

In today’s session we had to finish off our design. That was pretty easy for my group because we had almost done and just needed to fine line.

During half of this session we learnt how to use an app called Lego mind storms

Today in design we started to use Mindstorms.

We had to make 3 things for going up and down which were rotations, seconds and degrees. I didn’t finish all of it but this is what I was able to do. This is the seconds.

I was only able to do this because I was having trouble with doing it. I got some help and now my aim for next session is to complete all of them.

Session 5

Today in design I finished all of my up and down things.

Here are my programs for all of the challenges that I did today.


and the seconds from last week

Session 6

Today in design I started the base ball dimond challenge and it was quite hard. Once I got the first 2 directions it got easier because you just repeat that 3 more times.

Session 7

Today in robotics we got the colour sensor and we had to get from 1 colour to the other.

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