DC Cartoons

Today in Digital Citizenship we are looking at a picture and we are writing things down what we found funny, what the message is and why the message is important.

I found it funny how she will strap a phone to her forehead and how she just wants him to talk to her whiles he is on his phone. There is also a bird underneath the table.                                                                            I think the message is that if your out with a friends you should talk to them instead of sitting there on your phone and not even looking at the person next to you or in front of you. It shows that technology is more important than friends for some people.                                                                      Following the message is important because if you don’t talk to the if you out for food then they might not want to be your friend anymore and might not even realise because your still to busy on you phone. That when your on technology you cant be to attached because otherwise you’ll damage your brain which stops you from doing basics everyday things.

Here is the cartoon I chose

Passion Project

For my Passion Project I did what I was planning to do but I used the glue gun instead of sewing it together. One of my challenges was I couldn’t get one of the eyes in so I had to glue gun it down instead and I couldn’t films in the same spots so I had to find different places to film. I couldn’t get some music into my passion Project because it was to long was also one of my problems. For putting music in, I had to change it do a different song. I would make some more of the pom pom  animals and maybe make it more clear to see what I am doing in the videos.

Win At The Fair

When we were given the board it was with the prices already on it and we had to play the game and the prices that were on the page were $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5. I did 5 games on it and all of the money I got was two $4 two $2 and one $0.50 but each person has to pay $1 to play the game which means that we lost $4.50 in 5 games. With the Class all together we lost a lot of money, we lost more money than what we had earned from people playing. All together we did 104 gay so we earned that much money but we lost $152.60 which means we lost more money than we should of.


For our problem we had to make sure we got more than $300 in 1000 games and if we wouldn’t loose money and we get $1 per game we would usually get $1000 but we will loose the money that the people get so we have to try to take the game board so that people can only get lower numbers than what they put into playing the game. We had to try and make it so that they would think that they would be able to get the highest amount of money when they would only get either the cents for 1 or 2 dollars.


For me I only did the Official game board so what mine is, is so that the lowest number of money is at the top so that it is easiest to get it and that number is $0.10 and it slowly goes to $0.20 then to $0.50 but I used the $0.50 twice so that it is easier to get that number instead of starting a higher number there. My highest number is $25 because it is much higher that $1 that people put in to start playing but it is actually really hard to get it because the only nubers that go to the side are, going to the left are 2 and 12 but going to the right are 3 and 11 because it is really hard to roll a 2 because you need two 1s and 3 is hard because you need a 1 and a 2. its also hard to get two 6s and a 5 and a 6 for 12 and 11 so that’s why I did them to the side and I did all of the other ones going up because they are easier to get. I than recorded my 10 tries on the board on the side of my paper to see how much I would win and they were $0.10 and $0.20 and $0.20. All together I made $6.40 out of $10 so I didn’t loose that much money.

When we finished we went onto the app and we had to write in our amounts and which sides the numbers went, onto the program. We then had to try this out 1000 times to see all of the findings and how much money people would win. On mine the highest amount of people that go the $25 was 2 and most of the people got $10 and $20 because they are on the top of the chart and it is easier to go to the top of the chart rather than the side.

For mine I made it so that not lots of people would be able to get the highest number of money because we need the money instead of the people playing the game getting all of the money. Making it the highest number at the bottom made it soo much harder for people to get it so we got quite a lot of money in return and more money than the first board.

TO make my board look enticing all I did was a high number because most people would just think its really easy to get it but when they try it, they are going to get a really low price. Here are some pictures.

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette means to use the correct behaviour on the internet.

Flaming/ Flame Wars  is a way of insulting people on the internet.

Trolls are people that discord people on the internet by starting quarrels or upsetting them by posting of topic messages on an online community.

Anonymous are people that are nameless or unidentified people on the internet.

Communicating clearly means that you can whisper to someone and they will clear you clearly, hear are 3 examples. Chinese Whispers, The Telephone  games and the guessing game.

Permission is when someone lets you do something so for on sociol media it would be to have someone’s permission to put a picture or video of them onto the internet.

With the phrase ‘Once the message is out, its out’. I think that it means that you cant take a message back that you have send to someone wether is kind or mean.


Think Online

Today we learnt about Digital Citizenship and when you are on the internet or on social media you have to be kind, courteous and respectful. Here is a sentence to each word in Think that I believe is true and why.

T – is it true? because you cant lie to people

H – is it helpful? because you don’t send someone something that’s not helpful

I – is it inspiring? because you don’t make someone think they cant do something

N – is it necessary? because you don’t have to say something random

K – is it kind? because you don’t say something mean to someone


Passion Project Update

So far I have been doing really well with my Passion Project because I have finished doing my time-lapse video of me making my pompoms and I just have to video myself making the animal together and then I have to put the video together.

My first challenges were trying to make the pompom but they wouldn’t always work so I had to make more and more pompoms. I fixed this problem by doing it more carefully and not rushing because as I made the pompoms I tried to be faster so the video wouldn’t take to long but then I realised its a time-lapse video do I dlowed down and I finished making the pompoms.

Passion Project

For my passion project I was thinking of making pom pom animals because I think that making pom poms is really fun but then I saw pom pom animals and I knew I would love making them. I tried it once and I loved it. I think making this will help me be more creative as well.

When I make them I’m going to do a time laps video of me making them and explaining how you make them, I’ll make them in my bed room because I have a desk and a colourful wallpaper. I know this will take a while but I’m going to enjoy making it because its something I love doing.

Birke Baehr’s Ted Talk

I think that his main message was that you should eat organic food and that the best looking food is not the healthiest food that you can get, and that it’s better to use your money on organic food instead of getting sick and needing to go to the doctors. I also think he want’s people to know that 1 kid can make a different’s because they could tell some on and they would tell someone else and it would go on and on.

While he was doing his talk he put some humour into it like when he was talking about a tomato fish, he also had some other jokes that made the audience get into the talking more.

When he did it he had a microphone so you could hear him better when he talked and he also had a screen behind him so the audience could see pictures and visualise everything better and more.

He was talking loudly so that the audience could hear him even without a microphone and even though he had a really heavy accent you could still understand him. He also had really good eye contact because he didn’t have a script so he didn’t have to look down, and since he didn’t have a script he practiced it a lot and you could tell he knew it really well because he didn’t have a break like you would usually do if you forget something. He also moved around the stage a lot so he didn’t stay in one spot.


Richard Turere’s Ted Talk

Related image

In this blog post I think the main message is that either you can do what you set your mind to or that you can solve big problems with small solutions. I also think its that you can solve problems without being  violent.

When he did his ted talk when he wanted it to be serious he would talk in a serious tone but when he wanted to cut the tension in between he would do a small laugh. He mainly cut the tension when he was saying he broke his mums new radio to find out more about electronics,” She nearly killed me that day”.

When he did it he had the projector behind him so they could see what he was talking about more than them having to visualise everything. He also had a treehouse behind him so they could kind of see what his house was like or what it was like to live there, it was also for some scenery. He also had a microphone so the talking would be louder even though he was quite loud when he talked it helps people in the back of the audience hear him better.

I think he used his PowerPoint really well because he had some good pictures on it to show you what he actually used and how  he made it. He also matched his talking to the picture so it would make sense. He also moved around the stage a bit and used some hand jesters to help the audience understand him better. Even thought his accent was quite strong he also tried his best to make it clear for the audience. The pictures on his presentation were really strong so the audience could understand how he felt when his animals died.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I think that the main message to this film is that he started making apps and he want to continue making them but make them bigger and better. I also thing that he wants other people to be able to do things and make apps like him and I think he wants us to know that we can do what we set our minds to. While he did this he also made it funny so that the audience would find it more entertaining and be into it more whiles he’s explaining his things and talking. He also said thing that would draw the audiences attentions. When he was doing this talk he used an iPad that had some notes on it so he would know what to say and help him if he got stuck or forgot about something, he also had a screen behind him so the audience could see some pictures to see what he was talking about more and they would understand him more. He had a microphone as well so the audience could here him better when he talks because with out the microphone you wouldn’t be able to here him properly as they were in such a bit area. Whiles he was doing this he used his slideshow really well because it was clear and you could see the pictures properly. He also didn’t look at his iPad a lot so you could see had had eye contact with the audience but he also used some expretions and moved around the stage a bit instead of staying in one spot the whole time he was talking.