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in maths we started a project called fays nines, what it made us do was. we could only use the numbers between 1 and 9 and by using them we had to try to make the number 999 for example a number that works is




when you see the number you my think how does it work, you have to add the numbers horizontal so you would add up the 314 the 576 and the 829. when i first hear the question was that this cant work because every column has to add up to 9 , and if there is already a nine it is impossible. so i was very confused, then we had a play with it and then we all found something that you have to do for this to work, what you have to for this make the units coll-em add up to 19 the tens 9 and the hundreds 8. the reason is because you have to cary the 1 from the 19 to the other 9 to make it 19 and then the 1 from the new 19 to  the 8 the make it 9 then all of the column all add up to 9.

a way that i broke it up so it would be easy i did was keep the units column with the numbers 829 and change all the other numbers and that really helped.

wile doing this i learnt lot about caring because before i was really confused about caring but i have more of an idea about it. i really enjoyed this project it was a lot of fun and i learnt a lot of things.

passian project term 4

this term passion project was a little bit different because we have to make something for a family member,a friend or some special to us. this term will be making a photo album, i will put photos from most of our holidays. it will be made in premiere pro and i will put some music over it, i will also put transitions in to make it more entertaining. over all i am very exited to start with this passion project.

passion project reflection.

This term my main idea was going to be a video including all of my hobbies and things that i love to do in my spare time, but slowly as i went further into the film i shortly changed my mind them i thought i was going to make it just footy and tennis. But i knew pretty soon i had my footy grand final coming up soon so i was going to make it if we won i will do my passion project on that but if we lost i would do it on both. And being the underdogs  we came home with the win and it was an amazing experience and so exiting. So then i started, i got all of the photos that my mum and dad took and my friends dad was the photographer so i got the photos of him and then i started editing and it was very fun to edit and look back on what happened. So that was pretty much how my passion project went i had so much fun doing it.

Mexico RVE

for the last couple of weeks year 6 has been studding a country the we chose and we had to learn about that country. i did mexico and i relay enjoyed it. here are so me differences between Australia and mexico.

  • different special foods .
  • different celebrations.
  • has 100 million more people than Australia.
  •  mexico have rugged mount ranges

we also have some simulates with mexico.

  • Australia both have a lot of deserts.
  • we also have a simar climate with mexico
  • we both enjoy soccer.
  • and surfing
  • both have beach have lifestyles
  •  both are mainly christian

if i lived in mexico i would find these things challenging.

trying to learn Spanish because that is mexico main language. trying to meet new people because i think that mexico people would be different.

if i had to move to mexico i think i would enjoy these things.

i would enjoy the food because i love spicy food and a lot of there tridical food. i think i would also relay enjoy the festivals they have it would be a great experience.

but i think it would be an amazing experience to live in mexico.

building views

In maths we have been doing an activity called building views what we did was get a picture of number and we had find what you would see from a side view front view and back view. Some strategies we used was to picture what it would look like.  We also had to try and finding the biggest and smallest amount that you could use. For the smallest amount you had to look in many different ways and make sure it would work for different sides. We also went on maths 300 witch was the changing part for me I didn’t understand haw to worked but I god better at it. I lent to make sure to look everywhere and make sure that everything was right this was mainly with the smallest amount one.


passion project two

for my second passion project i have chosen to do my favourite sports and hobbies like footy and tennis. i will be putting in videos of my footy grand final and it was one of the best experiences i have had. i will also be putting in photos of my tennis. i will be making it in premiere pro and i will be getting some tennis videos on the weekend and then i will start editing.

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MR G space station.

this is my video blog for Mr g space station.

term 3 passion project

for my term 3 passion project i will be putting videos and photos of what i like doing life my favourite sports and things i like to do with my friends and in my spare time. i am not 100% sure what the videos will be, but i know i will be filing on my on my iPhone and then putting the clips onto my computer and edit them on premiere pro. i will be putting g in voice overs and enplane why i do them how long i have been doing them for and why i enjoy them. i am really exited to film and edit all of the videos, it will be a lot of fun.

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Win at the fair.

in the losing game we played 117 games and got a total of 117 dolour’s and lost 96 dolour’s. i think we lost this much because we had a lot of high prize winning games and the were in the most common roled spots so people would get them a lot.

Next we had to make a profitable game board witch med at least $300 but has to be intriging for the people here is our game board. befor that we made one on paper it dident fo as goo tho.



we also made a creative board were we could let our imagination come in it was a lot of fun here is mine.

We changed our official game board a bit to get as much profit as we could. some thing we did were if the highest amount of prize one and the loseet prize was getting not much we would switch them around.

this project was very fun and insetting.






what is Netiquette?

a Netiquette is treating people  the way you want to be treated.

flaming/raging =

flame wars are people sending mean comments making people mad and make people feel \bad

what are Trolls?


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