Win at the fair.

in the losing game we played 117 games and got a total of 117 dolour’s and lost 96 dolour’s. i think we lost this much because we had a lot of high prize winning games and the were in the most common roled spots so people would get them a lot.

Next we had to make a profitable game board witch med at least $300 but has to be intriging for the people here is our game board. befor that we made one on paper it dident fo as goo tho.



we also made a creative board were we could let our imagination come in it was a lot of fun here is mine.

We changed our official game board a bit to get as much profit as we could. some thing we did were if the highest amount of prize one and the loseet prize was getting not much we would switch them around.

this project was very fun and insetting.






what is Netiquette?

a Netiquette is treating people  the way you want to be treated.

flaming/raging =

flame wars are people sending mean comments making people mad and make people feel \bad

what are Trolls?


passion project update

my passion project is going good, i have got some videos at the skatepark of me and my friends doing some tricks i just need to film a few more videos to almost have enough. for me there are not to many challenges it just have to be good weather and i have to felling good because i have tennis on Saturday and footy on Sunday so if i were my self out it is hard to go to the skateark. but i will start to edit soon, and i am rely exited to edit it because i love editing! that realy all for my passion project so far i am so exited to see where it goes next!

passion project

for my passion protect i will be doing it on scooters. i will be making a short film on how i got into scooters why i love it and do a show case of all of my tricks. i am very exited to make this film and edit it!

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

i think that the main message in Birkes TED talk was to know what you eat and  eat what you know is good for you, by shopping local you can have a big difference bye helping people how deserve it, and not giving it to peole how make basically fake food.

i think he got the message throw bye getting straight into the problem he was talking about, and proving some real facts, also bye him showing how this has changed his life i think the audience wanted to keep listening to see how they can help as well.

to help him with the technical  side of things he differently did a lot of research on the internet to find the right facts and and he can show how much of a problem this relay is.

Richard Turere’s ted talk

i think the main message out of his ted talk was that you can solve things in a non violent way, and you just have to put some  thinking into it and you can do anything. out of him doing a small thing he did a huge thing for everyone.

he used a loud and clear voice and hand movements and moved around a little bit winch keeped his audience imaged. he also used picters about what he was talking about so the audience can get more of a idea what he is taking about.

he used a projector to put images about what he was talking about, and he used real picters from his home of what the problem was. he used a mic as well so everyone could here him in the room.

some techniques he used well was when he was talking as he sowed pictures on the projector he pointed and looked at it so his audience would to.he also have a strong purpose and eye contact with his audience.



Thomas Suarez TED Talk

The main message of Thomas talk was that any one can make phone apps and you don’t  have to be young and you don’t have to be old to make them.

he got the messages throw bye telling  his story  in a funny but efficient way to connect with his audience

to help him with the technical side he used a screen with a slide show to pictures showing what he was talking about controlling it with a remote the changes the slide when he wants.

bye looking at his audience and moving around a little bit made the not get bored. and bye chucking a few jokes in there keep’t them entertained while getting a good message true.


Green screen

he is my blog for green screen.


shot list and story boards

here is my blog for shot list and story bored.

lapel wireless mic

is is my blog for the lapel wireless mic, hope you enjoy!!!

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