Hummingbird? What is hummingbird? Hummingbird is basically micro bit combined with MaKey MaKey. There is lots of different parts here are a few. The motherboard, cords, lights, colour sensor, ultrasonic sensor, a micro bit, LED’s, motors and wheels.

The first thing we did was find a partner and get onto the home page. Oscar didn’t have a partner and neither did I so we partnered up together. On the homepage you have to pick between two motherboards. The hummingbird bit is bluetooth. The hummingbird duo needs to be plugged into the computer by USB at all times. You would use the hummingbird duo for something that has moving parts but still stands still. Oscar (B) wanted to make one of the many project ideas on the portal that have tutorials with them. So we pick the rover because it was like a car and we actually get to drive it around!

I added a magic touch to it and turned the driver into a cat! Then Oscar saw one of the little machines you could make to go with the robot. The one that stood out for Oscar was the winch. Which would wind a piece of string in and out kind of like a moving tow bar.

When the teachers told us that once we had got our first robot working we could just add more cool stuff onto our one that worked instead of making a completely new one. So that’s when the idea popped into my head ( well Oscar also helped me with this idea! ) My Idea is to put the tow bar thing on the back ( expect not moving ) and attach it to a little cardboard trailer or pen thing, that has no wheels by the way. Then put a kitten in the trailer or pen! Oscar agreed! So while Oscar worked with the hot glue on the actual car bit ( because hot gluing isn’t really my specialty, ) I got to make a cat, a kitten and a trailer pen. I started to code the cat to have a lit up nose! Oscar decided to put a ultrasonic at the back as well so then if it saw something in front it would go back and if it saw something behind it, it would go forward! This Wednesday has been more of a building day but I will be back to youΒ  on 7th of November 2020! BYE FOR NOW