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My video. The file was to big to embed, so here is a link. If you have trouble accessing please let me know.

Fun With Drones.mp4 (

Day 1

Before we got our drones working we were working on these coding challenges on the TELLO EDU app. I was doing it on my I-Phone and Annie was doing it with me. We completed up to challenge 10!

One of the hard challenges was to pick up a gun and shoot it at the bomb so the drone wouldn’t blow up! It had lot’s of tricky obstacles at the start and we kept failing it but we did it in the end.

Then we tried to get Scratch 2 working so we could get a chance to fly them for real not just in digital! But we ran out of time and I had to go to swimming so that was the end of drones for that day.

Day 2

On Wednesday Sophie and I met Boby. Boby is a TELLO DRONE! We used my iPhone to connect to her. Boby gave the rainbow light signal and we flew her higher and higher into the big blue sky!

Sophie and I took turns flying the drone around the school. Up above is some of the video we took. When Sophie had her first turn flying Boby around she sort of crashed it into the tree…… but don’t worry because Boby is the master of dodging and she didn’t get stuck! I panicked so much 😱 but afterwards I couldn’t stop laughing πŸ˜‚!!! Sophie made me promise not to tell anyone. SORRY SOPHIE! Anyway when I first got hold of the drone Grace W and Sophia wanted to be in the video. They were dancing and doing cartwheels it made me very happy!!! 😊

Then sadly Boby went flat so Sophie walked back to the class room to get a new battery ( one that was charged. ) In the meantime Boby still had a bit of charge so I went on the playground with her and that was when I got my big idea! My idea was to use the drone to film Sophie and I doing different things on the playground but you can only see our legs so it looks like we are taking a video of ourselves with a phone or something like that. In case you are wondering where I got the idea from I got it from an add that’s about a holiday booker app it has lots of photos where you can just see the persons feet. There is also a video of someone going down a water slide but you can just see the feet. So it looks like it’s from the persons eyes because we can only see our feet when going down a water slide. It worked on the Monkey bars but not so much on the slide.

Day 3

You might know that Monday the 23rd of November 2020 was not the best day to be flying drones about. So you might be thinking what were we supposed to do instead. Since we had already done all the challenges what was up for us that day. Well that’s exactly what I was thinking that day when I walked into school. Mr McKie told us to have a go at this online drone coding challenge called drone dash. The code was very much like scratch here is what the sprite drone is.

Β I made up quite a few inventions with the coding program that I was very proud of.

See In 2nd Half Of Video!

Thank you for Reading Fun With Drones and be sure to look out for my next blog HUMMINGBIRD?

Remember Coding Takes Patience!!!


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