First Day Spyro

On Friday I had my first day of Sphero!

Sphero Strikes Again with Its Most Advanced Robot to Date, Sphero BOLT | Business Wire

Sphero Explained

Sphero is a company that makes robots.


Sphero Edu

The SPKK. One of the robots we are mostly working with in Sphero is the SPKK. The SPKK is a sphere shaped robot that can drive in all directions. You can use the Sphero Edu app to code and drive it around. Inside the SPKK there are LED lights, circuit boards, batteries, electric motors and more. Here is a picture of the SPKK.

Sphero SPRK+

The Ollie. Another one of the robots that I have tried so far in Sphero. The Ollie is shaped a little different to the SPKK. The Ollie is in the shape of a cylinder on its side and unlike the SPKK it has wheels on the end of each side. Just like the SPKK you can use Sphero Edu app to drive it and code it either in blocks, Java Script or Draw code. The Ollie also has LED lights and motors for its wheels both need to be charged. The SPKK has a special holder you put it in to to charge it but the Ollie you can just plug it in.

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My partner Annie and I made a two carpet square maze thatΒ  has all kinds of cool stuff in it. Like some walls that looked like the robot was going down stairs, 3 little ramps, spikes sticking out of the walls and a big blue ramp! I love our maze it has so many tricky turns.

Sphero Edu


Finally it was time to start coding. We grabbed an I-PAD and connected it to a Sphero we named our Sphero Chips and gave it a yellowy orangey colour on it’s LED lights. Once we knew what we were doing it started working really well, we got about half way! But then our Chips started flashing red and making a lot of mistakes. So we had to recode it again and again but Chips kept on making mistakes. We couldn’t even get him past the first the first cm any more. When suddenly I figured it out Chips battery was running low! So we went back into the classroom to get a new working robot. I really wanted a Ollie but they were too big to fit over our ramps! When we put Chips back on charge we saw that one of the SPKK’s was lit up purple! Which was weird because no one was connected to it so we connected to that one and guess what it had full battery! We wanted to call this one Chips Jr but we decided on Purple ChipsΒ  because it was purple when we found it! We got back on track with our maze after lunch, Purple Chips was a hit! We got her all the way up to the really tricky turn bit almost on the second mat! Just as we were about to test it out the bell went. Oh well at least we get to see Purple Chips again on Monday!

SPRK+ Light Show


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