Micro bit circus themed hide and seek

For the past few weeks Kaylee and I have been teaching each other things to do on Microbit and we have been doing well. We came up with a circus idea but then we decided that since we are going back into home learning that we will change the idea and make a hide and seek two player game but there’s three Bit Bots. The Bit Bot that is all white is called Jeffrey and the Bit Bot with all red is called Jerry and the one with white and red is called Jill, they are brothers and sisters. How well did we do? We did a pretty good job but when we tried the pyramid trick Jill couldn’t go over Jeffery and Jerry, also we were worried that the motors would break.That would mean that we won’t have three BitBots then our plan would have been ruined so we changed our idea and this is how we found that idea. I was looking through some more tutorials and I found Bitbot hide and seek so that’s how we ended up with circus themed hide and seek instead of just a circus. It was a bit sad because we thought the circus idea was really cool and it would have been so much fun! Anyway, the day finally came for us to film our selves playing Bitbot hide and seek. Because of home learning we wouldn’t be able to present so we took a video of it. But it got lost so we made this video out of the photos we took and the one video of Kaylee driving Jill. The video is below.


With what we have learned and the knowledge we have found, we really want to start a Bitbot cup with different obstacles and we might even be able to use our hide and seek game in the cup if we ever get enough people to join!

Thank you for reading to our blog it was very fun making this project and we hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

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