MaKey MaKey Passion Project!

My MaKey MaKey passion project is called take you on my holiday again. I changed my mind I was actually going to do facts on Europe which is my favourite country to go to and I already know a bit about it but then I got the idea how I could recreate one of my holidays that I had been on since because of COVID-19 you cannot go anywhere. I went on this big two week holiday around Europe and I am going to make a interactive map of my holiday and take you on it again. At each stop there will be some photos of me when I was there on the map. We will travel by boat,plain,train and even gyro pods! At each place as well as telling what I did there I will also share some facts about each place. I hope you will enjoy coming on my holiday.



A few days later…….



My MaKey MaKey project is all done! I had some struggles where my project wouldn’t save my project and it was really frustrating me! I got some help and calmed down I had to work out how to download a copy of it onto my laptop because scratch wouldn’t let me save it. I think I did a pretty good job over all I had to do a lot of the work at home because I got kind of behind at the start but i caught up. On presentation day I was really excited to present but sadly nobody could hear my project because of my noisy neighbour! Thankfully Mrs Watters let me present to everyone so everyone could here it. YAY!!!😁 I am really proud of my project and that i was able to catch up to everyone else!


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