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The word i will be talking about today is Mishap. Mishap means an unlucky accident. Mishap is actually the two words mis and hap and they date back to 1300. There are three synonyms for the word mishap; they are misadventure, misfortune, mischance. I chose this word because i like talking about accidents which is what the word means. Also it is the third word starting with m that is fun to say for me ( 1st is Maleficent 2nd isΒ  Miscellaneous ) i hope you enjoyed my little speech about the word mishap.

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  1. Remember that Mis- is a prefix which you can add onto the beginning of words.
    I didn’t know that hap was a word on its own! I needed to research it myself to discover that it was a word from around 1200 which meant convenient!

    How interesting is this history of words?
    Mrs Watters

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