MaKey MaKey istrument 1 and 2

Today i am going to tell you about our MaKey MaKey Instrument project. ( you do not need to be able to play a instrument for this project.) We had to use our MaKey MaKey knowledge and our scratch knowledge together to make a instrument that we could play. First we had to write our ideas down i came up with 3 ideas. 1: to make a piano that made animal noises, 2: A piano with the all the sharps and everything. 3: A ukulele made out of LEGO. i had decided to stick on the safe side and do the piano one. but then i realised that a LEGO ukulele would be cooler than something that i new was going to work so i did the ukulele. First i had to code it in scratch which was pretty simple because scratch had all the notes i needed! then i spent most of my building it. I think i got the shape right with the curves on the base. I put brown things to look like the strings and at the bottom i put real string. I put the foil at the top so when you press it the sound came out. While i was pressing the foil i strummed the string at the bottom to look like i was actually playing it.

Last year i made a speaker DJ thing ( i don’t know what it’s called. ) and i decided to try and make that play music. So i coded all different music loops. ( scratch has a lot ) then i put some foil on the tape inside. So now when i click the button it plays AWESOME SONGS! I am going to try and make it so that when you click a button it plays a different song but i am still working on that.


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