MaKey MaKey Pac Man Game Controller

Β I did a PAC MAN controller on Monday. I decided to do a drawing as that would be cool and something new! But it didn’t work. I tried colouring it in super hard but it did not work. Mrs Watters suggested to use a graphite pencil, so my Dad got me some. In the mean time I made a coin one that worked awesomely. Finally it was the day I could test my new graphite pencils. It worked or so I thought I could barley hide my excitement but then it goes down down down. Just as I had put on the next one I realised it only worked for one because it thought the piece of paper was the thing taking in the electricity. Oh well I will get it right one day, I suppose it’s all about trial and error.

NOTE TO SELF: never get over excited or you will get a lot of disappointment if it doesn’t work.

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