WARNING: this blog contains spoiler alerts if you have not read this book yet go and read it then come back OK good…. you ready lets start the themes.


Quote: It is like a prison like the worst sort of prison you could imagine Page:34 First I was fraqu all hall for a bit then I was Ali again now i am 1473.


Threw out the story Ali hoped he would find freedom in Australia, but he was brought to a detention centre in South Australia called Woomera. Now he feels caged in and unsafe aseptically since he has lost his name. Your name is very connected to you and so is your home. As Ali had left his home his name reminded him of his home and now he has lost it. Now he feels uncomfortable and not safe.




Quote: I cannot go back to Afghanistan to die. Page: 32 Would they still want to come to Australia if they new Woomera was waiting for them. Page: 138

Ali has been threw ruff things like his dad getting killed the Taliban almost dying on a rundown boat and then in Woomera where things are really bad. But he survived! during when Ali is at school a boat of people where rescued. Ali’s friend Sean talks to him and asks if his boat was as bad as that he says yes it was so bad then he realised he got to come to Australia they are stuck out there and nobody wants them. In this scene Ali is feeling survivors guilt. He feels this same way threw out the book many times and now he starting to think if they are not letting the other boat people in and thinking they are bad then maybe they will send me back. Ali wonders if all those people would want to come to Australia if they new that Woomera was waiting for them. What do you think.


Quote: I am Refugee when can I leave this place. We will let you know. Page: 38 Since the Taliban came to our village, I have lost my father, I have lost my family, I have lost my country and I have lost my freedom. And what have I found since IΒ  came here? Only Anna. Now I have lost her too.


When Ali is in the detention centre he thinks every day that he will get out and this shows he has hope threw out the book Ali shows that same hope by being positive. I think that hope was the biggest theme in this book. The author did a brilliant job of showing Ali’s hop through out the book and he made it really clear without even saying it which is what we are thinking about in writing.


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