Scratch find your inspiration project

Scratch find your inspiration project is a fun project where we get to pick something that you are interested in and using that inspiration turn it into a game movie etc on scratch! I chose pusheen for my inspiration. Pusheen is a really big grey tabby cat that is on internet pages like Instagram. I love her because she likes the same things as me [ music, food, sleep, friends, family and the internet.] I planed it all out in my design book and came up with three ideas. Idea 1. pusheen diary about pusheen’s every day life. Idea 2 pusheen interview it will tell more about pusheen. Idea 3 pusheen dance party. I decided to do pusheen interview because I realised there were not many people who knew what pusheen was. I included questions about her family, friends, what she likes doing and so much more. I included a special quiz to find out hat pusheen you are. I found it tricky when I got to the family question I wanted to show her family tree behind her and as she talked about each family member a green circle would appear circling who she was talking about. I kept mucking up the timing I think I still haven’t got it right yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I really hope people now know more about pusheen thanks to my epic interview. Don’t forget to look out for my next pusheen project pusheen dance party see pusheen dance bye for now. 😻😻😻😻

One thought on “Scratch find your inspiration project

  1. Hi Saskia,
    I love reading your blog posts. You sure know how to put a lot of detail in! Keep it coming!
    I particularly like the way you describe why you made a change to your program – realising that people needed information about who Pusheen is first gave you a good idea to continue your project with.
    Mrs Watters

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