Scratch Projects

Scratch is a program were you can code, imagine and share [ coding is when you program something.]Β  In year 5 we have started to learn about scratch and the endless possibilities there are in this awesome and fun program. Here are some of the projects we have started working on.

10 block challenge- is when we had to make a video or game only using 10 specific blocks.This project was hard but me and my partner managed to make a quick and easy clicker game.


Dance challenge- this challenge we all thought it was going to be easy but it was not what we thought. We had to use a lot of angles work which used a lot of our maths knowledge. This project was quite challenging in fact i don’t think i have finished mine yet!

Debug- it – is a fun thing to do to become a scratchspert* you have to solve peoples projects that have a problem. I got through about three but I will definitely do some more research. I think it is a great way to practice your coding skills.


Build a band-Β  is a project we have just stared and I think it is our biggest one yet. We have to create a live band with our sounds and music for the band to play or sing. I have finished my plan and am ready to start. I hope this going to be my best project yet!

* Scratchie – just startedΒ  Inter scartcher- on your way to becoming a expert scratchspert- your an expert and you are so good at coding.

I hope you start to create and learn on scratch. I hope you have such a fun time! Enjoy!



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