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Checkpoint 1: #description

What do you intend to create? I intend to create a movie trailer using visual effects along a story line….

Year 6 Science – What is Matter?

In Year 6 Science we learn about matter. The definition of Matter is anything that has mass and has weight….


Checkpoint: #update What have you achieved so far?  I have planned all of my effects. My goal is 8 but…

Film School – Premiere Pro

This week as a whole year level we learnt how to use premiere pro. Premiere Pro is an incredible editing…

Film School – Green Screen

This week we learnt about how to use the green screen. Green screens are one of the most useful parts…

Film School – Shotgun Mics

This week in Ms Williams Film School Clinic we learnt about shotgun microphones. Here is a video showing what a…

Film School – Wireless Microphones

This week in Mrs Watson’s film school clinic we learnt about wireless microphones. Here is what I learnt:  

Film School – Royalty Free Music

This week in Mr Galluccio’s film school clinic we learnt about Royalty Free Music. Royalty Free Music means there are…

Film School – Audio Booths

This Week in Mr Galluccio’s Film School Clinic We Learnt About The Audio Booths. Here is a video showcasing what…

Film School – Shot Lists and Story Boards

This Week in Ms Williams Film School Clinic We Learnt About StoryBoards and Shot Lists. Here is a video showcasing…

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