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passion project #UPDATE
What have you achieved so far?  I HAVE ACHIEVED LEARNING SOME NEW TRICKS. What type of learning have you done to up-skill yourself? I HAVE SELF TAUGHT AND [...]
Birke Baehr’s TED
I think the three main messages are: That we should not eat genetically modified food products because they can do bad things to you like causing canser, [...]
Richard Turere TED Talk
     Today in our TED session we listened to Richard Turere’s TED talk about how he made an invention to keep lions out of his town. I think the [...]
Think online
Before you post a comment on social media you should THINK before you post T is it true?  If it is not true you should think about telling the truth [...]
Passion project #Description
For the past few weeks I have been practising my scooter tricks like my manuals, nose pivots and tail whips.     What do you intend to create?  I [...]
Thomas suarez
This term we will be learning about TED talks so here are some questions about the one we watched today.   What i took away from Thomas’s TED [...]
Editing software
Last week we did our most important film school clinic yet so i have put my explanation in the video below  
Shortlists and storyboards
Last week we did Mrs Williamson’s Film school clinic on shortlists and storyboards Here is an example of what i learned:  
Green screen clinic
Yesterday we did a really fun clinic on how to incorporate green screen into a film this is a short video that tells you what i learned
zoom cameras
Last week we did Mr Henderson’s clinic on zoom cameras here is a short video to tell you what i learned:
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