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Editing software
Last week we did our most important film school clinic yet so i have put my explanation in the video below  
Shortlists and storyboards
Last week we did Mrs Williamson’s Film school clinic on shortlists and storyboards Here is an example of what i learned:  
Green screen clinic
Yesterday we did a really fun clinic on how to incorporate green screen into a film this is a short video that tells you what i learned
zoom cameras
Last week we did Mr Henderson’s clinic on zoom cameras here is a short video to tell you what i learned:
Wireless microphones
Here is a video of what we learned in Mr Henderson’s clinic on wireless microphones last week
Royalty free music
Today we did mr Galluccio’s clinic in film school on royalty free music here is what i learned
Shotgun mics
Today we did Mrs Williamson’s clinic in film school Here is a video all about it  
Audio booths with Mr G
This even though i wasn’t at school i learned about audio booths so here is a brief version of what i learned:  
Point and shoot cameras
Last week we did Mrs Williamsons clinic on point and shoot cameras Here is a video of what i learned:
Presenting your piece to camera
The clinic we did with Mr G was presenting your piece to camera What I learned: After learning all the tips and tricks we went on to record some tongue twisters.
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