Pippy and I are making dog bandannas called GlamBanndanas. Most of the bandannas are sold for $4.99, the ones that don’t sell for $4.99 are harder to make. We have loads of designs to choose from. Half of the money we are donating to dog shelters to help stray dogs in need.

We created an Instagram account which got more than 100 followers in two weeks, and got some ambassadors to promote our business. Not all of the ambassadors are people we personally know. We have got a lot of dms and posts saying can we be your ambassador? Or can I please get a bandanna.



I learnt about the country, United States Of America. This is what I’ve learnt so far during three lessons of work. 

Similarity’s: Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, a bit of Halloween, language, clothing style, christen country, and food.

Not in common: Forth Of July, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, accent, driving different sides, and school uniform.

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passion project

What Pippy and i have done so far is a good start. We filmed some of the videos and started to edit. We will need some more time to film though. Its going well and we are soon to be finished!

We have not added in the music though. The film will be about 3 minutes i”m guessing.

The Lost Princess ♡♛!!

The problem was that she gave her personal details to a random stranger and they knew everything about her. That person that she was talking to online wasn’t who they said they where too.

She was effected by this because she thought that this guy was actually 14 but he was way older than he was. She was sad because she trusted this random guy on the internet.

This issue will be fine once the girl blocked him or reports him to the police or the social media they where talking on.

She should have not given out her personal details to him and trusted him.

The biggest message i take away from the story is, don’t trust people online, they are not all who they say they are!!



← Picture of the lost princess


Pippy and I created an acmi film for our passion project. The theme this year for acmi is “curious” so Pippy and I had some sleepovers and filmed our film. Here is a short clip that explains everything so far. ❤️


DC Cartoons ♡

Today in RVE, the year 6’s got to choose one photo out of three. The photos are about phone addiction. This is the photo that i chose.

    1. At first, why might some people find this cartoon funny? Because there is one real bird and a twitter bird.
    2. What is the message (or messages) in this cartoon? Don’t always be on your phone, experience the real world.
    3. Why is this an important message? So you don’t get addicted.
    4. Now that you have analysed this cartoon, do you still find it “funny”? Not at all.


Win At The Fair

This session in Project Maths we had to make an game board that was enticing and made us money. This was my first board.

I think this is enticing and i did make around 350$ from 1000 games. Each games costs $1.00. I am proud. I think i got enough money. This is my other game board. As you can see My directions where 2,3,4 side, 12, 11, 10 other side, and 5,6,7,8,9 up. I payed out an average of 66 c. Which is pretty good because i think!

This is my second board.

i think this one is as enticing as the other one. i did earn more money than the other one though. i earned around $450. I think what makes it enticing is the big $100. The arrows where like this 23 side, 12 11 other side, and 45678910 up. Which is not the same as the other one. You can also see that i payed out 53 c. So a bit less then my other game board. But the directions and the lowest price isn’t as good as the first one. So not as enticing either. I think more people would play my first game.


All you need is two dice, and the game board of course. You roll the two dice and add those two numbers together. Of course, you can not get 1, so that’s why 1 is not on the directions. Lets say i got 6 and 2 that equals 8 so i would move up 1. Then i roll 6 and 5 that equals 11 so i would go to the side. And the first one you land on is the amount of money you get.

Here is the results of the first one the class made, It was not good.


Digital Netiquette

Flaming/Flamer Wars- Flaming is when you get into a fight on social media. A flamer is someone who gets into a fight.

Trolls- Trolls are someone who wants to course an fight. They want to upset someone or make them feel useless.

Anonymous- An anonymous is someone who hides their ID on social media.

Communicating Clearly- Don’t use slang eg: M8 C ya soon ! Also Don’t use CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EVERYTHING IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE SCREAMING. Also emojis are good for knowing if its sarcastic or not. 😊

Once you send you usually cant unsend, so think before you send.

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