in sewing we made a bag out of fabric. We plated the wool to make the handles open and close. My bag looked like this in the end.

For me it took around 5 sessions to finish my bag. But for some people is only took 3 sessions. You got to choose your fabric for your bag. as you can see i chose a white bag and blue flowers. For my handles made out of wool I chose purple, white and black. In the end we put blocks inside the bag for an activity in maths.

Makey Makey

What I learnt In makey makey

i learnt that makey makey It is a programming box with alligator cords, mother boards and wires. Me and my friends made talking fruit. Orange juice, little miss apple pie, cutie kiwi, precious pear and bossy banana. Anyway, here is a picture of the finished project.


When you tap on a fruit they will say something. We also drew faces on them to match their emotion on what they are saying. We made the program on scratch and plugged in the USB cord. Every week also they get rotten so we replace the fruit with other fruits and draw the faces on them.


In scratch we made an account. My account is called Cookie3079. We have challengers to do and make. Our first challenge was to make someone dance. I made a dog dance. Our next challenge was to make a program/game using only 10 blocks. Then now we are working on saving programs from other people. I am done! Now we are working on our about me project.

We have just finished our project build a band.  I made 3 sprites and 3 instruments. Gobo plays the electric guitar, Kitty plays the drum, and flutter plays the trumpet. The sprites talk to you about their interment. Once you are done talking to them you can make your own band with them by clicking on their instrument.

The melting pot

What does Edward learn about arranged marriages and what do you think of them?

I think that is bad. What happens if they are mean or if you don’t like them. Edward learn’t that he might have to do that.

Why did Edwards father go to his school and talk to the principle?

Because he didn’t want Edward being bullied at school and getting called racist comments.

What did you learn about the 1901 Immigration Act? Are you happy it was repealed? Why?

Yep, I am happy that they changed the law. Because it wasn’t fair for the Chinese. Anyway, I learn’t that the law ended in 1973.


Today me and my friend measured the area of this kite shape. Because it was a quadrilateral it equals 360 degrees all together.

This video is of us figuring out if this shape does actually did equal 360.

We had trouble figuring out what the corners the shapes degrees es. But we did find the actual degrees of the kite shapes corners. So we just added up all the corner degrees, what did it equal\?

Hope you enjoy the video.


Rube Goldberg

There year 5’s have been separated into groups of three.  We have been making and planning our rub Goldberg machines for around 6 weeks! My groups aim is to play a video.

We have had many fails (that I can not even keep track of) and three seceding!

My group have had a lot of changes to the rube Goldberg machine. The different objects we have been using  books, kenx, chairs, toy cars, pulley, golf ball, seasaw and design books.

The whole rube goldburg has ups and downs.  So the kenx windmill we made hits the toy car, and the toy car rides down the design book (while the chairs are holding this up). Then the car hits the golf ball and the golf ball falls into the pulley. then the pulley comes up ans hits the seesaw.

we haven’t finished the whole machine yet, but soon it will be finished!

Here is a picture of our Rube Goldberg so far.

The last day of Rube Goldberg has finished. We have made a video playing machine. It has been a fun time making the machine!

The end machine looked like this

here is a video all about my rube Goldberg machine



Today the year 5’s joined up in a group with two other people ( so three in a group).

We constructed an lego robot which took a bit of work and time. I took a lot of photos well my team was building the robot. But I also got some lego pieces.

It started of really easy and then it got hard. There where a lot of instructions that you had to follow.

Even sometimes it was hard to read the instructions because the pictures sometimes looked like you had to put the lego piece on the right, but then it is really the left.

I think that the end result that our team did was really good! Also we where the first team to finish! I’m proud of myself and my team.

Here is what it looked like at the start, and looked like in the end! 

My team and i have made a program on lego Mindstorms of how these robots can move. I have been busy making programs so the robot can detect colour.

After we did that we tried to make the ultra sonic censor, then we made the touch censor.

this is how the ultra sonic censor works



and the touch censor

we are still working on the colour sensor tho.

Our team has had struggles making these programs. For example the program was hard to make and get the right order.

Now in robotics we are learning about spheros. They are a remote control ball. We have been programming the ball to move.


Maths Pack 1

Today I was looking at shapes and angles on Maths Pack 1. Me and my partner guessed the degree of the angle. The angle answer was covered so we had to guess the angle answer like that. I think I did a pretty good job at guessing the angles!

Racing Cars


Today, the Year 5’s tested our craft cars that we made with Antoni. We went to the Tennis court, Oval and Our Class Room. My Car went really fast! I was amazed when my car went longer than 10m! and 10m was the end of our measuring tape! Some people didn’t believe me, so now I’m giving prof!

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