I have achieved some skills on icing and fondant! This helps me a lot because it is one of the first hings you would look at first on a cake. if it wasn’t smooth it wouldn’t look good.

YouTube does help me a lot. I watch some cooking/ baking videos and it gives me skills. My mum also teaches me hacks/skills to make my cake look and taste better.

Fondant has been challenging just to get it smooth. And I am really happy with the batter and the icing pipping.

The next step for me Is to layer the cakes, I need to add some other layers on the cake and some edible wafer flowers!


What am i doing~ I am making a big cake with a lot of edible decorations. Just a big edible amazing colourful decorative cake.

How will i do this~ Make a tutorial kind of video, and just edit the main parts into the video to give others a cooking inspiration.

Why this topic~ Well, i love baking and cakes are fun to bake and pretty easy. Then decorating the cake is even more fun. I also think the end result will be awesome, because i have had a lot of experience in the kitchen.



what have I learnt that rocked my world

ted talk~ the TED talks we listened to as a class where very interesting. The kids talked well and stuck to that topic. they also showed eye contact.

My ted talk~ For my ted talk i want to do puppy farms. just to tell people how bad and sad puppy farms are.


~ the ways you can easily take the inspiration out of other ted talks and learn something and add a snip of the inspiration in to your ted talk.

Birke Baehr

TED talk answers

Main message ~ Look at where your food is coming from. You ever know what you are eating or where it has been.

He got the message to his audience by telling personal experiences and facts.

He used a projector in the back so the audience could think and visualise what he is talking about more easily. For me, it was a bit hard at first to understand him, he had a strong country accent. but after it was fine.

He used facts and personal experiences, which made the presentation clear. He also said he did a lot of research on his topic too. He knew what he was talking about.


Related image

Richard Truere

Richard Truere TED talk.

~Main message is you don’t have to be cruel. You can do it in a nicer way to animals.

~Photos from the projector helped get the message across to the audience. It was clear to tell what he was talking about and it made you visualise the topic more. He was from Africa so he had an African accent. it was a bit hard for us from Australia to understand.

~He used a projector to show his photos in the background, behind him. It was a big screen so it was easy to look at from the audience and the video.

~His voice and his face controlled what emotion you should be in. eg; He would smile if it was something happy he was talking about. Or he would look sad or look down when he was talking about something sad.

Here is an Image of Richard Truere,

Image result for RICHARD turere


Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez

I think the main message was do what you love. You can tell from the TED talk he loved making apps for IOS.

He showed a picture of a big screen behind him, so the audience could see what he was doing.

He used a projector to show what he was talking about. And I guess he used an IOS device to create the apps.

He looked up at the audience while talking to them and he talked clearly.





Cam corner

Today we learned about the angel of the pho

tos. My group took photos of each other with the different angel

types. I did the medium close up. After we took the photos we took some videos of the different angels. my favourite angel was the angel looking up. I thought it looked cool.

Photo to camera

My group took some pictures in the enviro today to look at the photos to see if they where good or not and focus on the angels. Here are my to favourite pictures i took with my partner. We tried to make the person looking at the picture focus on one part of the photo. In my top photos case we made you look at the bark. In my second photos case, we made you look at the tree.




presenting piece to camera

Here is a video that i made of the steps you need to do to make a good act.

Green Screen

This was the best session ever. We learnt about what green screen was and how it worked. I went on adobe premier and did a green screen with the just do it guy. Some people did it with him on the background of our school. We also learnt about what the green screen had and what we are getting.


Today we learnt about copyright music. I learnt that there wa

s this site ca

lled bensound. It is a website where you can download songs without copyright. We downloaded so

ngs that match movies. We had to thing about what theme suits the music.


i learnt how to edit well today. We came across this adobe spark editing computer program. It is a very high rated editing program. We made a tester film just to see what the editing skills on the program where like. I made a quick little translation skit. What you could do on the program were amazing!

how to films

today we planned our how to films. I chose to make a video of how to braid. I wrote down all the angels of the cameras and what the video was like. The script bit was my favourite. I wrote down what i would say. hopefully we film these videos\tutorials soon.

Wire less Microphone

Today i learnt about microphones with out a cord in them. I learnt what cameras to use well using these mics. At the end of the session we tried them out. We filmed a video of us with this microphone to see the sounds. This mic was very good! It had good sounds.

Shot gun microphone

I learnt about shot gun microphones. We got into a group with other people and recorded some footage. The sound was really good. I think the sot gun mics are very good for films that need to be high quality. I would recommend shot gun mics.

Zoom Cameras

Audio booths



in sewing we made a bag out of fabric. We plated the wool to make the handles open and close. My bag looked like this in the end.

For me it took around 5 sessions to finish my bag. But for some people is only took 3 sessions. You got to choose your fabric for your bag. as you can see i chose a white bag and blue flowers. For my handles made out of wool I chose purple, white and black. In the end we put blocks inside the bag for an activity in maths.

Makey Makey

What I learnt In makey makey

i learnt that makey makey It is a programming box with alligator cords, mother boards and wires. Me and my friends made talking fruit. Orange juice, little miss apple pie, cutie kiwi, precious pear and bossy banana. Anyway, here is a picture of the finished project.


When you tap on a fruit they will say something. We also drew faces on them to match their emotion on what they are saying. We made the program on scratch and plugged in the USB cord. Every week also they get rotten so we replace the fruit with other fruits and draw the faces on them.

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