Finished Passion Project

I did not achieve what I set out to do but I think I made it better, I originally set out to take photos of just birds because I have a passion for photography but then I realized that birds don’t sit still for long. So I decided to widen it to any animal that is in my life.

I had a lot of success in taking the photos and many of the animals where very cooperative. but I did have a little bit of trouble taking photos from what I was taking them with to my  computer but we found a way and even though I couldn’t get all the photos that I wanted on my computer I made do with what I could get.

I think if I were to continue with this project I would probably put some small captions for my pictures.





Win at the Fair

I have made many changes and enhancements to my game, the one on paper is different because I realized that I was losing money so I dialled down the prizes but I kept the movement numbers the same besides the ten This was a change for the better because on average I was receiving around forty cents per game and that was fairly consistent through out the four trials.

even though I changed it, it is still enticing being fairly even and having good prizes even if they’re lower than before. These are all reasons that I think my game would be a good money maker to a school fair and profit us a lot.



THINK is an acronym representing the five key things to writing a good post.

T-  Is it true? you can’t have your post being untrue because someone might believe you and get upset when they find out you lied

H- Is it helpful? sure you can wright silly stuff but it should always at least make someone laugh.

I- is it Inspiring? Again it should at least Inspire someone to laugh.

N- is it necessary? you shouldn’t post something that doesn’t even mean anything to you or anyone else.

K- is it kind? you definitely don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

Passion Project

I want to make a doco on the local biology of Geelong and Torquay to make a start on teaching my fellow classmates that we have to take care of the environment by personalising it by it being their own home.

Birke Baehr

I believe Birke’s massage was that the system is all out of wack and you should only trust food from organic farmers because they won’t have pesticides in there food. Also don’t always buy food just because it has shiny packaging or a cachy slogan because chances are it has a ship load of chemicals, sugar and bad ingredients.

He used many hand motions although arguably to many. even though his accent was hard to understand he spoke loud clear and confidently which kept the audience engaged. he also let people laugh to keep them interested and didn’t get board.

He used the screen a lot but to be honest he didn’t have much technical support that I could spot but he didn’t really need much either.

He may have used too many hand motions but the ones he used were fitting he also used the whole stage so the crowd had to follow him. finally He knew when to stop talking and let people react.

Richard Turere

Some of the main messages in my opinion were violence is not always the answer because he was able to shorten the number of zebras lost to lion while also not shortening the population of lions. Also he was trying to pass across that you can make a lot out of a little if you’ve just got the guts and whit.

He got these messages across by not only telling but also showing he had graphic footage which really helped the audience side with both sides so that they would think his solution is the best. along with his words being clear even with his accent.

the big screen helped him a lot because solid proof is what it takes to get most people on your side and photographic evidence is by far the most solid proof there is. also he set the seen with things you would mostly find in Africa and the microphone so that many more people could listen at once.

he used jokes to brighten things up so that people wouldn’t get board but he knew when to be serious as well. he also kept the people involved by actioning them in when to do something. He also used the whole stage and guided the audiences eyes.

Wireless Mic

With the wireless mic the equipment has numbers and you must keep the ones with the same number together. secondly the lapel wire must go down your back and also not be to high on your shirt. when using the hand mic always keep it about two centimetres from your chin because if it is to far away from you it won’t pick up the sound and if you have it touching you chin it will pick up the sound of it scratching against your chin.

there are two rectangular prisms with an R and a T on them meaning receiver and transmitter, the transmitter gives the sound to the receiver which gives it to the camera. make sure the receiver is on the camera and not the director so that the director can leave the camera without dragging it along. These two rectangles can mean that you can go for about 30 meters and still have a very good sound.