Reflection Passion Post Term 3

I did not achieve what I originally set out to do because I changed it quite a bit because I originally set out to make a cosplay but I ended up making a presentation about newer cartoons and how they have changed since my parents were kids.

I found it hard to find good photos that fit what I want to say.

But I eventually did

Finished Passion Project

I did not achieve what I set out to do but I think I made it better, I originally set out to take photos of just birds because I have a passion for photography but then I realized that birds don’t sit still for long. So I decided to widen it to any animal that is in my life.

I had a lot of success in taking the photos and many of the animals where very cooperative. but I did have a little bit of trouble taking photos from what I was taking them with to my  computer but we found a way and even though I couldn’t get all the photos that I wanted on my computer I made do with what I could get.

I think if I were to continue with this project I would probably put some small captions for my pictures.





Win at the Fair

I have made many changes and enhancements to my game, the one on paper is different because I realized that I was losing money so I dialled down the prizes but I kept the movement numbers the same besides the ten This was a change for the better because on average I was receiving around forty cents per game and that was fairly consistent through out the four trials.

even though I changed it, it is still enticing being fairly even and having good prizes even if they’re lower than before. These are all reasons that I think my game would be a good money maker to a school fair and profit us a lot.



THINK is an acronym representing the five key things to writing a good post.

T-  Is it true? you can’t have your post being untrue because someone might believe you and get upset when they find out you lied

H- Is it helpful? sure you can wright silly stuff but it should always at least make someone laugh.

I- is it Inspiring? Again it should at least Inspire someone to laugh.

N- is it necessary? you shouldn’t post something that doesn’t even mean anything to you or anyone else.

K- is it kind? you definitely don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

Passion Project

I want to make a doco on the local biology of Geelong and Torquay to make a start on teaching my fellow classmates that we have to take care of the environment by personalising it by it being their own home.