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Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

On Wednesday the 17th of October year 4 went to Drysdale landfill centre and the  Green Mulch Centre on an excursion. . I learnt from that at Christmas time they get a lot of kids new  Christmas presents that have been thrown away and that if you don’t want a toy anymore you should give it away. I also learnt how kitty litter is made. there was a lot of rubbish. Don’t use …………………………………………………………………………………..plastic!

Student Led Conference

     This is a special day! Olivia showed me and Zach her school and all the projects she has been doing in Year 4.  I enjoyed in particular  her poem and the calendar she made. It warmed my hear to see the date I arrived on her calendar. She has learnt a lot and she is certainly growing.


This Term we are reading Blueback by Tim Winton. It is about a boy named Abel Jackson , he lives at Robbers Head with his mum, Dora Jackson. One day he meets a giant Blue Groper.  I predict that they will be best friends forever.

Wonderful Wallabies !

On the  21st  of  June year 4 went to Serendip  Sanctuary . My group, group 1 went into the aviary and played with the birds one parrot called Jerry[ named by my friend Caitlyn in a different group] was screeching really loud! I had to escape so I covered my ears and went straight into the wallaby paddock  and there were a lot of wallabies  there was one wallaby with a baby in her pouch it was so cute. When I was looking inside,  one of them tried to hop inside the aviary I quickly closed the door and went inside the paddock when I went out the other side they all started hopping again as if we weren’t there at all!


Growing Food

I used to think  that you need  lots and lots of  water to grow a vegetable, but now I know that you don’t need too much water or else it might not grow. I also used to think that all potatoes were the same, but now I know that there  a lot of different types. I thought that any plant can grow with any type of soil, but I’ve learnt that most plants needs the right soil for it to grow. I’ve also learnt that carrots can grow in more than colour like Red, Orange, Purple and even White.

Boss Of The Pool

Boss Of The Pool is a great book. The author is  Robin Klein. I didn’t like it when Shelly was mean to Ben ,but I did when she understood him and was nicer. My Favourite character is Anne because she is very kind hearted. But I think it took to long for Shelly to be nice to Ben and her friends.

Wet ,Wet ,Wet

In week 4A ,4A went to the Barwon  River  while it was raining! It was hard to walk in the slippery mud. My partner and I didn’t catch  much ,but we had fun trying not to slip in the mud the way back up the hill wasn’t as fun or as easy as the way down. Do you like rainy days?


This term our novel  is Wedgetail by Colin Thiele . Wedgetail is a book about a book about a boy named Andy  who is very fond of Wedgetail Eagles . When Terry Lewis [the park ranger] finds a baby Wedgetail that fell out of his nest Andy wants to keep it.

Fly, Birds ,Fly!

In week 5B Martin Scuffins visited year 4.  He brought in 3 birds, a Barking Owl , an Australian Hobby and a Nankeen Kestrel . He showed and talked about each bird one by one and showed us tricks, like flying to a perch  and back to his glove again. It was funny when the Nankeen kestrel landed on Mrs Shier’s head and she stayed still so that he couldn’t grip harder! We had lots of fun with Martin Scuffins and his birds of prey!

Royal Morning Tea

In week 5B ,4A  Group 1 Made Shepherds Pie . It was inspired by Richard ,who was inspired by the royal wedding that  was coming soon. We gathered  potatoes from our garden . The  most  fun part was making the invitations and the flag of England! The day before the morning tea we made beautiful crowns and tiaras . Some  people wore dresses , top hats and crowns  on the day.  WE had a great time at the party and everyone loved our shepherds pie!

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