loyalty free music


in the loyalty free music clinic we learnt all about copy rite and what to music to use when your making a film.

we had to look for 5 different music pieces for a topic, one topic was wonder, star wars, the greatest showman, titanic and it.

honestly titanic was hard to find a music piece for it, same goes for the greatest showman.

the web we used was called bensound but you can also use you-tube and making sure the music on you-tube wasn’t copy rite.

when getting music from you-tube you need to use mp4 converter, we will learn more about that further into the year.

star wars epic

wonder inspire

it creepy

titanic romantic

the greatest showman hip jazz


audio booths

Remember no more than 2 people.

no food.

leave the it as you found it.

leave the mic on the bench.

leave the usb neatly on the bench.

make sure the mic and stand are secure for safety reasons.

keep runway clear.

don’t knock on the door or window because that’s disrespectful and not following the year 6 culture.

don’t take to much time in the audio booth’s.

don’t touch the mic while you are recording.

storyboards and shotlists


when making a video 60% planning, 10% videoing and 30% editing.

when planning you have two options storyboard or shot list.

to make a storyboard you need to draw your scenes down on a piece of paper one by one.

to make a shot list you just need take a photo of every part in the video from the start to the end.

when making the video you need to make sure you have your plan at all times to know exactly what you are doing next.

In the editing stage you need to make sure the sound is clear and the video went to according to your plan.


camera framing image

the first thing we learnt about camera framing was the the different types of pictures.

master/establishing shot, a master is kind of like a landscape photo because it is taken from a long way from the main subject.

full shot, a full shot is a photo taken of a person but you take a full shot you need to be able to see the whole persons body, that’s why it’s called a full shot.

medium shot, a medium shot is explained like a full shot but a medium shot is the waist up to the top of their head.

medium close up, a photo taken from a person’s shoulders upward’s to the top of their head.

close up,a photo of someone’s face.

extreme close up, in a extreme close up picture, the camera would be focusing on the eyes and face to really kind of see what they are thinking and their facial expressions.

tips on videoing

when your trying to get a close up of something don’t zoom in a lot because it gets really sensitive when moving your hands so instead just come closer to the subject.

use the rule of thirds by focusing someone’s eyes on the first horizontal line so that you don’t leave all the empty space above there head.

when taking a camera out side make shore you bring all three legs pushed in to the middle, then pick it up with two hands and kindly ask someone else to open the door for you.

present piece to camera

Present piece to camera was learning about what you should be doing while talking into a camera.

We learnt to always look down the barrel of the camera while talking and be creative like using hand gestures or make something up creatively.

It is also good to practice before videoing, a could way to warm up is to learn your lines and practice looking into the camera.

A really important part of making a video is to know your purpose, even if your a person in the background or the one taking the video.

point and shoot camera

When we learnt how to use the camera we then learnt all the rules of the point and shoot camera.

Viewpoint, the viewpoint has a massive impact on the composition of the photo. it is where you take a photo from the ground and angle the camera so it leads up a tall building or tree to make you look small or angle it down a long path or road.

We also did background, background is where you take a photo of a main subject but blurring out the background the reason you do this is because the human eye is very good at forgetting the main subject and looking at the background instead but when you blur the background people will pay attention to the main subject now.

Leading lines, leading lines is a photo of a long path that leads your eye’s to the subject at the end of the path or lines all leading to the same thing this affect the picture because your eye will automatically lead to the main subject at the end of the lines.

Framing, framing is a photo of a little object that lead through to a main object like a building, mountain, famous place or an animal.

Balanced, balanced is where you move the main subject off the middle and balance the main subject with the background and surroundings.

Rule of thirds, rule of thirds is nine square picture divided into 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines, the way you use these lines is for where to place things like a human as a main character, things like that.

my last design post

The next thing i should do is scrape the dry glue off the computer.

I think i went better then i thought because i didn’t expect to get this much done.

I saw no patterns in our project.

I could use this knowledge in year 8 for a project.

An important part was learning and understanding the different parts of an computer.

I helped providing hot glue and finding parts for the computer as well as putting it together.