book review

bombing of darwin.

one character that had a big impact on the book is tome because the writer wrote in toms perspective and the writer wrote what tom felt, saw, hear and think as if the book was rote by tom. the 2 main character was toms dad because the dad work on the harbour and survived the bombing. and also the mum she had a big impact on time especially when she died.

the book is written in a boy’s perspective, and it’s all about the bombing of Darwin and what it was like before and after the bombing. as the book goes further the more you learn what it was like then and in the bombing.

the book, the bombing of Darwin dose seem to have a lot of feeling and perspective from the characters. and i really like the book because you can feel what they, see what they see and understand most of all. but I believe who am I is better than my friend the enemy and bombing of Darwin. but bombing of Darwin is better than my friend the enemy.

I would rate Bombing of Darwin a sweet 4 out of 5, because  it has lots of climax in the bombing but still has lots of feeling.

light up jeans

Over the past week Lucas and I have been working with alligator clips, conducted thread and LED lights. but he reason why is that Lucas and I have to get LED lights on with alligator clips and lily tiny, I think that’s what you call it, but i’m guessing a broad variety of people who don’t work in the maker space are probably thinking what is a lily tiny. well a lily tiny is a circuit that the battery runs trough then into a LED light, but the cool thing is the lily tiny has different ways of turning the LED on. and i took some videos and photos.


so really I learnt what a lily tiny is and how to use through a battery and LED.

and as you saw you can get it to work but the LED flashes in different patterns. Lucas ans I are going to use that on our jeans but with conducted thread instead of alligator clips.

the important ideas are the ones that you think are realistic enough to work so you try them and it helps so when your done, it tells you what not to do and to do.

if you were to be sewing with conducted thread and you let both sides of it touch it will cause a short circuit. a short circuit prevents you from making the LED lights turn on. because the negative and appositive can’t mix, the have to stay on their side of the LED light without touching the opposite thread.

well Lucas and I still have to sow the conducted thread and place the battery and lily tiny on the pants, but Lucas and I need to remember to sow the conducted thread through the LED really tight, so it dose not come loos and so the conducted thread can turn the light to its full.

I think that if Lucas and I want to do better we cant sow long, big stretches, we need sow not to small but big enough that it wont take us to sow for ages.

well Lucas and I did have a problem with getting the lily tiny to work but I wouldn’t say i solved the problem, because some others helped us, at least we understood at the end.

Lucas and I do seem to get a lot done together but have fun as well, so to be honest i wouldn’t say we work bad with each other. the only time that we don’t get a lot done is  when we don’t have the materials we need.

my plan is detailed enough to have it in my brain, but at the moment we don’t know but when we finish we will know for shore.

next I will start to sow and place the battery with the lily tint to the jeans so that we can sow.

and here are some other pictures and videos.                       





What groups do you belong to? A footy club, family, community, school, friends, best friends, class, year level, tennis, soccer, cricket, netball, basketball, swimming, teams and social clubs.


Why do we become members of a group? maybe because where passionate about it, or our friends are in the group or because you want to get better at something or you are already good at something…



What stories do we remember and retell of the groups we belong to? Footy club, basketball, tennis club, golf club, soccer club, community, school, class, year level and friends.


Year 5 camp

I was getting my sleeping bag and pillow for the movie, everyone seemed happy and excited when I was in the hall way. I walked down towards the main room, but everyone seemed to have a spot, so I had to squish next to Orlando and Hayden. Unfortunately, the sound was not working so I just talked to Orlando, but it gave me heaps of time to talk to him and I learnt heaps of things about him. The movie was not working for a long time, so I went to bed I had a good sleep. and that morning I had my breakfast quickly because I couldn’t wait for the pinnacle walk. when we got to the track it was just a dirt trach but the further we went into the track it got heaps more, rocky and there were more rivers.                                                       The river and track leaded to a calming water fall that made my skin shiver in the beautiful light of the sun. it really was magical. As I went on I found a rock that I climbed and stood on the view made me feel like bird and like we were all ready at the top of the mountain. As I went on my way, the teachers called a red light so that means I stop. I was waiting for the people at the back. but when they got to the rest of us Jordan said that keep going but stop when you get to the cool chamber. When we got to the cool chamber, it was a cave that got deeply narrow the further you go in, once you’re in the cave you feel a shivering feeling that runs done your body and darkness that runs through the cave. As I went further there was light shining down into the cave. From a gap, Raphe seemed to be at the front of everyone, so he could climb through another gap. The thing is the girl were being a bit dramatic by that I mean dramatic!!! Because when raphe got through the whole they got scared, so I had to hop through the other one but it was not as small,and raphe was obviously fine when I got through. And he was ccc, the girls just need to settle their kettle, calm their farm and my favourite chill your grill. But the important thing is was how amazing it was at the top. The gentle wind against my skin was calming and the view made me stunned, it was first class, a view of all the houses, trees, mountains, land and lakes it was my favourite.

I don’t know if you know but… WE FINISHED OUR LIGHT UP JACKET.

Yes we did and its so cool it is so cool you have to pay us $ 500 dollars to see it, just kidding but it is so cool its got the LED light strip the real supreme its legendary.

but now we get to make light up jeans to go with it it is going to look way cooler when where done with it, just wait.

but it will be more of a challenge because we are going to sow conducted thread through LED lights not an LED strip its different so it will be harder but for now just look here at some photos of our plan for the next project and some videos of the jacket.


so what did you think about the jacket if you did just tell us if you did not, actually i wont say any thing because you cant not like it… honestly you cant its so cool.

And i finished my plan for the light up jean it is going to be cool and next thing we are going to do is start making it.

And I believe we will learn more doing the jeans because weir going to use conducted thread for the led and it will need a lot more work and dedication so we might not finish in time we have but we have to try.  

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design light up jacket

The light up jacket is going to take longer than i thought but i know we will get there because we have almost finished all the letters of slurp but finished all the letters in supreme.

We have succeeded in sowing most of the letters done on to the jacket and i think another success is not having to ask miss Whatson  for help and getting really familiar with sowing.

A big challenge we found hard was sowing the R on because i do think we cut it out small so it was difficult to sow it on and i do believe the lights (LED) will be difficult to work with because it is going to be hard to get all the LED lights in through the skinny lines.

I did not have to change anything from our original plan yet.

We are now going to finish of slurp and then go onto place LED lights around supreme, hopefully if we have more time we can place LED lights around slurp

As you can see we did have trouble with the R but i also had a bit of trouble with the S in slurp as well, but we got some good news!

Our LED lights arrived and where almost done with hand sewing those hard letters.

surprisingly all we had to do was stick the Led strip on and sow it on for extra protection and when you turn the LED strip on it looks really cool.


light up jean jacket

this week, Lucas and i started our plan, design and list for Mr Mckie. it was a good start on the first day because we finished our design and almost finished the list for Mr Mckie.

we are expected to finish the plan, design and list before tuesday next week, i do believe thats plenty of time and we will get it done.

a picture of my design.

we may put something in the middle depending on ho much time it takes us to do these two.

dream time story

The dream time story i read was the creation story it talked about a sea surpent that lived in  the middle of a mountain and created depression when it infected the water wholes so i thought they were talking about the white people when the take wees and poos off the edge of Uluru.

but they also talked a bout the eaglehawk and crow the said that they were the first to tribes or something similar but now the groups you could say are now called sub groups of eaglehawk or crow.

William Barak became the head of Wurundjeri people and the people of Coranderk. and had 1 sister and 2 brothers.His children did not live past the age of 14 but David lived the longest.William was taught by his uncle the way of leadership and traditional practice, it was his uncle who told him that he would be the next head of the people.