passion project term 3

I want to create a slide show of pictures with me playing the sport I love because it is my passion and I thought it would be cool to make a slide show of me and my team playing football together and it should be great.

passion project 2 blog

I the moment I have achieved at least 9 trick shots and they were not easy, I am still working on a couple but I don’t want to say to much otherwise I will spoil it for you.

MyΒ  passion project dose not really need learning to up skill your self but i have watched a few videos to find good trick shots to do.

the challenge is really landing the bottle it can take 15 minutes to land the trick and it can get very annoying, and looking for creative tricks is also hard because it is the same thing every time a bottle flip, but finding away to do it has to be creative.

My next step will be a couple more tricks and then it will be time to edit.


passion project term 2

My passion project is mainly to entertain the audience and inspire them to some thing new. I chose this for my passion project because i thought it was a really cool idea and I know for a fact the audience likes watching someone succeed in landing a trick because the audience love being amazed at hard tricks they think are nearly impossible to land.

I plan to use a bottle to flip and I will learn and get very familiar with the technique of flipping a bottle so that I can land tricks easier with the technique in the back of my head. but it is also a lot more then that it is also about thinking of tricks that the audience will like and want to see more of.

I have found that some tricks that are a lot harder then easy tricks don’t always please the audience and you want to look for very creative tricks to amaze the audience. And I also have started to land some tricks and some are very good but i am still working on some but I am almost done videoing tricks.

My passion project is very much targeted to people who are interested dude perfect and dude perfect is a channel where a group of people who make trick sots and some of the tricks they do are outstanding.

Richard’s review

His message was violence doesn’t solve everything, you don’t need to kill the animal’s to protect your’s and there is all ways another way.

He used pictures to help the audience understand what he was talking about, tried his best to speak clearly to the audience and looked at them all the way through his presentation.

He used a big screen to show his pictures, had a head set with the mic to speak louder and also used the clicking controller to change pictures.

The presentation techniques he used was making sure the audience got his message clearly so they canΒ  use this advice for the future and used humour but not to much so the audience took it seriously, and used eye contact as well as didn’t speak to fast.

think online

THINK stands for, is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind, it means before you comment on social media think before you act.

The 5 words mean you must always think about these words before make a comment or text.

T is for true, it means is think is it true before you make a comment. H is for helpful, it means is your comment going to make it easier for the person you are talking to. I is for inspiring will it inspire others. N is for necessary, does your comment needed. K is for kind, is your comment going to be nice.


ted talk review

What are the main messages/take away.

I think a important massage was, there is a lot to learn from making an app,telling young people and teachers how to make and app, there are platforms that help people learn about technology.

How did he get these messages across to the audience.

He used his experience from making a app, humour, technology, energy.

What technical support did he use

He used his I-pad, the big screen behind him, the controller in his hand and the mic.

What presentation techniques did he use well?

He used his voice clearly so the audience could hear him well, he kept his eyes to the audience,used enthusiasm and excitement when he spoke and made his message clear to the audience.

green screen and lighting

Our task in the final clinic was to edit a video by changing the green to a video Mr Henderson took with a drone.

when editing we had to drag the video of the man talking onto video 2 and drag the drone footage into video 1.

then you must go to the effects panel and then into video effect and scroll down to keying as in ultra key which means green screen, then scroll down to ultra key and drag ultra key to your video 2 line then use the paint leaking icon to change the green to the video 1 by just dragging and clicking on the green in the background.


no food otherwise it will get disgusting and we don’t want that at all.

absolutely no shoes.

never lock the door because then the teachers or other people will start knocking on the door and might interrupt a video or something.

watch your step when walking around.

and turn light switches 2 to 5 on for lighting.

and don’t stand against the wall while videoing because that can stuff the lighting up.

loyalty free music


in the loyalty free music clinic we learnt all about copy rite and what to music to use when your making a film.

we had to look for 5 different music pieces for a topic, one topic was wonder, star wars, the greatest showman, titanic and it.

honestly titanic was hard to find a music piece for it, same goes for the greatest showman.

the web we used was called bensound but you can also use you-tube and making sure the music on you-tube wasn’t copy rite.

when getting music from you-tube you need to use mp4 converter, we will learn more about that further into the year.

star wars epic

wonder inspire

it creepy

titanic romantic

the greatest showman hip jazz