light up jean jacket

this week, Lucas and i started our plan, design and list for Mr Mckie. it was a good start on the first day because we finished our design and almost finished the list for Mr Mckie.

we are expected to finish the plan, design and list before tuesday next week, i do believe thats plenty of time and we will get it done.

a picture of my design.

we may put something in the middle depending on ho much time it takes us to do these two.

dream time story

The dream time story i read was the creation story it talked about a sea surpent that lived in  the middle of a mountain and created depression when it infected the water wholes so i thought they were talking about the white people when the take wees and poos off the edge of Uluru.

but they also talked a bout the eaglehawk and crow the said that they were the first to tribes or something similar but now the groups you could say are now called sub groups of eaglehawk or crow.

William Barak became the head of Wurundjeri people and the people of Coranderk. and had 1 sister and 2 brothers.His children did not live past the age of 14 but David lived the longest.William was taught by his uncle the way of leadership and traditional practice, it was his uncle who told him that he would be the next head of the people.

little bits and makey makey

This week Lucas and I did little bits, we made 3 different things. We first made the Rockstar guitar, and made the weirdest sounds we also built the tug of war and hot potato.

I really liked the hot potato, but the best was the tug of war by far mainly because its 2 players. So I could play with Lucas.

Here are some videos and photos.

it was real fun doing little bits and i learnt how to make these things to work like when i was making the hot potato it was not working because i did not change the channel and when i did it started to work.



after little bits me and Lucas wanted to do makey makey and we made some pretty cool stuff happen, like the bongo drums as well as some other stuff.

videos and pictures

so it was fun and simple to do, it did get a little challenging when i was doing the bongo drums because i didn’t have my hand over the aligator clip write but it started to work.

we made it by wires to help us connect the board to the computer and the apples to the board so it allowed us to tap on the apple and it would make a sound and something come up.

but in the end i did find little bits better because it was a bit more challenging and you could make some pretty cool stuff with little bits.

Expearamenting kites and miroworld kites

We were given a task to fold paper to make a kite like origami  and to program in miroworlds to make a kite.

it was fun and challenging because it felt really nice when i finished it and challenging because i tried so many times but when i took the turtle off the lines did not meet.

this is a slide show of the origami all you have to click on it.

experimenting kites-2e97r6r

it was interesting that it could add up to 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees

simple machines project

In simple machines i learnt what the 6 simple machines were like a wedge helps you push things apart oh and we also learnt what there purposes were, pulley helps you lift loads. and an inclined plane is sorter dose the same thing but instead of lifting things, it moves things.

There is also the nail, well its pretty obvious what a nail dose it nails things together,oh and a lever weighs things i guess, sorry their is only one more and that is the wheel  and axle just allows heavy things to roll, like a tier on a car.

See the source image


We also got to build somethings like i saw people building a fishing rod, a spinning cartridge I even saw Gus build a chainsaw  but i built, a toe truck i’m pretty shore but it definitely used a pulley and wheel and axle, here is a quick video and some pictures of my toe truck.

  So at the end of the day i learnt a lot of things like the 6 simple machines, their purpose and really how to make them work like with the  toe truck i built even though still just followed a manual, but i now also  know how to use the 6 simple machines,

So i really liked simple machines because its simple and you learn a lot a yea it was fun.

ultrasonic sensor challenge

We were given two challenges, for the first challenge you had to make the robot move and stop 20 centre meters  away from something.

Something that helped me from the last sheep challenge  was when it stops instead of turning straight away come back then turn and keep going.

A snip of my program and video of it working.

The program just tells the robot to keep going Intel you come 20 centre meters away from an object, where is says 20 in the orange bit is how many centre meters you want it to stop in front of it.

For the second challenge we had to make the robot stay in side a square shape and for it to keep going for as long as you want.

A video of my program working and snip of the program.

The first green bit tells the robot to move forward then the bit after tells the robot to stop 20 centre meters away from something, the green bit after tells the robot to move backwards without turning.

The next green bit to turn right and the at the stars i have the play button and there is also the loop.

EV3 follow the line

We got a challenge to make our robot follow a oval line and if it turns of, make it turn back on to the line.

The hardest part was getting the robot to stay robot to stay on the track the whole time because even if you have the rite program still might not work of where the robot starts.

A snip of my program.

The first orange one is the play button, and the green bit after the orange makes the robot move at a pace and you put the number up to make it go faster and down to go slow.

The next orange bit is telling the robot this is the colour to sense, and the orange bit after is the switch block, it asks the robot can you do something i made it so it asks the robot can you see black do this and do something else if you don’t.

the top green bit tells the robot to turn at  somewhere and you would put the number p to make the turn sharper and down for less, the bottom green bit just tells it to keep going, and then you also got the go again one.

A video of my program working.

EV3 colour sensor

We had to program our robot to stay in a square with a red out line but we had to make it do something but if this happens do something but if not then do this other thing depending on your program like you could put in the program if you sense red turn around and go this way if not just keep going maybe.

My snip of the program.

The first green bit was not completely necessary because all it did was make a face of your choice you can see if closely that i chose a smile in the corner of the first part of the loop.

The orange part of the loop is the yes or no bit as I told you before what it dose, i put the colours green black and red because we were working with those colours.

The top green bit means it will go back then turn and keep going if  it the robot can sense red black or green.

The bottom green bit just keeps the robot going forwards if it dose not sense any of the colours in the program, the orange at the end is just loops it all.